STEMology Night : STEM Botics

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"Creativity is an attitude. It is a mindset. It is this attitude that drives the desire in one to produce something new rather than reproduce existing tried and tested ideas" Dr. Rezai.

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Dear GCS District Leaders, Community Leaders, Parents, Educators, and Friends,

You are invited to a free, fun night with hands-on STEM activities at our Annual STEMology Night at Bluford STEM Academy. This year’s theme is STEMBotics- robotics in our Everyday Lives. This event will take place on Thursday, May 17, 2018, at 5:30 pm.

Our STEM Scholars explore the impact of future technologies through hands-on STEM activities. Please come out and support our Bluford STEMologists as they demonstrate how robotics are used throughout our world. These STEM activities and projects will ignite your interest in STEM.

This free event includes pizza and it is open to the community as we share with family and friends the great things we are doing at Bluford STEM Academy.
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