Secondary Meeting (9-16-16)

Meeting Purpose

  • Establish our norms
  • Review our 2016-17 goal
  • Brainstorm topics of interest
  • Assign leaders for each topic

Activity: One Word Around

2016-17 Goal specific to Secondary

3. When we use a PLC framework to engage in collegial consultation and collaborative learning about the needs of students in middle and high school who are eligible for special education services, we will be better able to support all students in becoming graduates prepared for life.


Secondary staff to collaborate in planning the monthly Secondary Meeting topics.

o Explore ways to improve vocational and age appropriate assessment.

o Study alignment of services across buildings (e.g. map of building resources) to understand and optimize services to students.

o Conduct time analysis to better understand building needs.

Study effective practices (within and outside of the District) which could be expanded to other buildings.

o Counseling practices: CBT, DBT adapted for schools, SFBT, motivational interviewing

o Mindfulness practices within Learning Strategy labs

Secondary Psych Department staff, Director and/or Manager will arrange for meeting presentations on specific topics, strategies or curriculum ideas including outside presenters, as necessary/desired.

Brainstorming: Topics for the Year

7 meeting dates: 10/14 ; 12/9; 1/13; 2/10; 3/10; 4/14; 5/12