Pyramid Point Bridge

Science Inquiry- Group 1 PM


Cups, toothpicks, pipe cleaners, marshmallows, cardboard, sugar cubes, straws, tape, wood sticks, marbles, rocks, glue, wire, popsicle sticks

Our Justifications

We chose these materials because they would look good.  The long sticks were the best thing because we wanted our bridge to have a point like a pyramid, and they worked perfectly for that.  We used the pipe cleaners to hold the long wood sticks together to help make our bridge strong.  The marshmallows are sticky, and helped to keep things together.  We cut a hole in the bottom of the cup to make a tunnel for the car to drive through.  We chose tape to help strengthen the materials put together to make the bridge.

Next Time We Would…

Put more glue on the bottom of the cups to hold them to the bridge better.  We might even take the two cups away, since they made the entrance too bumpy.  A flat ramp would have worked better.  We would put more tape over the ramp to help it stay on better.

Members in Our Group

Ann, Trinity, Alex