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Starting date: 07.09.2022

Ending date: 06.08.2023

European Solidarity Corps Programme (ESC)

As a volunteer, the European Solidarity Corps lets you learn through non-formal experiences, improve existing skills or acquire new ones for your personal, educational or professional development.

The volunteering service offers you:

- Free accommodation: a single room in a flat shared with other volunteers.

- Pocket money (€155 per month).

- Money for food expenses (€155 per month).

- Local transport to get to your volunteer activities.

- Arrival and midterm training (midterm evaluation).

- Private medical insurance that will cover all the expenses not covered by the public health system (health, accident and civil liability insurance).

- Your travel expenses from where you live to Murcia at the beginning of the project and from Murcia to your place of residence once the project is finished.

- Visa and residence permit fees (if required).

The volunteer project

Start date: 07.09.2022

End date: 06.08.2023

The schedule of volunteer activities will be between 25 and 35 hours per week.

FAMDIF / COCEMFE-MURCIA works at regional level with the aim of improving the living conditions of people with physical and organic disabilities. Its headquarter is located in the capital (Murcia), where almost half a million people live.

FAMDIF / COCEMFE-MURCIA develops the following programs and projects:

- Comprehensive service for the recognition and defense of the rights of people with physical and organic disabilities.

- Labor Integration Service / Self-employment Point Incorpora.

- Technical advice and information service.

- Educational attention to adults with special needs.

- Awareness-raising for the removal of psychosocial barriers.

- Awareness-raising campaigns in the educational field.

- Technical Accessibility Office (OTAF).

- Internal training program.

- Vocational training programs.

- Occupational training.

- Social communication program.

- Day center for dependent young people "Juan Cerezo".

- Leisure and free time activities.

Our Labor Integration Service is a placement agency collaborating with the SEF that is supporting the orientation, counseling and labor intermediation. After the state of alarm caused by the Covid-19 crisis, these services are performed urgently due to the need for them due to the economic and unemployment crisis that is expected caused by Covid-19.

In addition, during the crisis caused by the Covid-19 we have had to implement virtual classrooms in which the volunteer would also support.

Our employment and training programs are co-financed by the European Social Fund and are aimed at improving the employability of disadvantaged groups and are included in the European 2020 strategy.

The activities that the volunteer who comes to our association will carry out in general are: office work, organization and management of training days, seminars and training courses, actions to improve the quality of care for people with physical disabilities, awareness campaigns, awareness talks in primary and secondary schools and universities.Activities to promote volunteering, training meetings and non-regulated training workshops, support in leisure and free time activities, support in computer training courses.


- Accompaniment at break time for pupils who wish to leave the school.

- Accompanying and supporting teachers in external activities organized with students (excursions, visits to practice centers).

- Support to the teachers in the different workshops that will take place during the course, such as handicrafts for the development of fine motor skills.

- Support to teachers in daily math, language, English and office automation classes.

- Supervision of students at times when the teacher must be absent from the classroom.

- Elaboration with the teacher of didactic material (daily activities).

- Accompanying students to public transport (in case any student requires so).

- Contact with external agents who collaborate with the center, for example, with the teaching staff of the visual team of O.N.C.E., who pay attention to the students with vision problems in coordination and collaboration with the teachers of the center.

- Escort students with severe physical disabilities who need help to the bathroom.

- Office work: Collaboration in design tasks, presentations and social networks.


The activities in which the volunteer will participate at Headquarters are as follows:

- Awareness campaign on the rights of people with physical and organic disabilities.

- Dissemination actions on physical and organic disability.

- Awareness-raising activities.

- Volunteer recruitment campaigns.

The activities that the volunteer will carry out during their stay at the day center are:

- Accompaniment and support to the users in the workshops carried out by the different professionals of the day center.

- Accompaniment and support in leisure and free time activities.

- Proposal and implementation of activities or workshops focused on the integration of the users of the center.

- Participation in family respite activities.

- Support in carrying out daily life activities of the users of the center.

- Participation in training and awareness-raising activities related to physical and organic disability.

In addition, our volunteer will participate in the following activities:

- Promotion of European projects and programs and mobility among young people in the Region of Murcia, as well as among the users of our organization.

- Participation in workshops and presentations of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) program in youth organizations, secondary schools in the city of Murcia and the University of Murcia.

Our volunteering project seeks to promote the values promoted by the EU and the ESC Programme, such as solidarity, equality, justice, respect, the fight against exclusion and xenophobia, etc.


The volunteers who participate in our project will live in a flat located in the center of the city of Murcia together with other volunteers who carry out their volunteer project in other organizations in Murcia.

The flat will be rented by the Euroaccion Association, the coordinating organization of this project. Each volunteer will have his/her own room to guarantee privacy and space. The coordinating organization will pay the rent of the apartment and the bills on a monthly basis, to free the volunteers from these tasks.

This project is funded by the European Commission and covers, in addition to accommodation, the costs of food, pocket money and local transport. This money will be managed by the volunteer in a free and independent way.


The Federation of Associations of People with Physical and / or Organic Disabilities of the Region of Murcia (FAMDIF / COCEMFE-MURCIA) was born in 1982 in response to inquiries from the non-profit associations that comprise it, as a means of joining forces to achieve their common objectives: the social integration of the physically and / or organically disabled people and their normalized active participation in social problems and especially those that are more directly related to the problem, such as architectural and social barriers, access to culture, work, sports, health, etc.

FAMDIF / COCEMFE-MURCIA is a non-governmental, social and non-profit organization that aims to serve as a channel for consultations of Associations of People with Physical and / or Organic Disabilities in the Region of Murcia. It has an exclusively vindictive character as well as a service provider to the extent that the Administration does not generate them.

Basing its work fundamentally on the detection and resolution of the situations, the aim of the project is to study the causes of social exclusion in which disabled people suffer, to obtain the material and human resources that can reduce them and, ultimately, to allow them to live an autonomous existence in accordance with the principles of Accessibility, Integration and Normalization as soon as possible.

FAMDIF / COCEMFE-MURCIA is currently composed of 17 associations.

Our MISSION is to represent, support and advise all federated Associations of people with physical and organic disabilities in the Region of Murcia, while, with the help of the rest of the citizens, developing services and activities aimed at their member organizations and people with physical and organic disabilities with the aim of achieving the real equality of people with physical and organic disabilities, ensuring that it is respected the principle of equality before the Law and the defense of their rights in all limits of life.

The VISION of FAMDIF / COCEMFE is to be a reference within the associative movement of people with disabilities, transparent in its management, strengthen its representative and vindictive character and provider of quality services, with the ability to adapt to respond to the needs of its interest groups and thus fulfill its mission.

VALUES: FAMDIF / COCEMFE is committed to achieving its mission and vision by acting in compliance with the following principles and values established in the international declarations of human rights and rights that affect women and children, people with disabilities:















FAMDIF / COCEMFE as a Federation of Associations of Persons with Physical Disability. Its main lines of action are to represent, support and advise its federated associations, to claim and defend the rights of people with physical and organic disabilities and to provide services as long as they are not provided directly by the Administration.


This project is aimed at young people between 18 and 30 years old who have not participated in any European volunteering project (EVS or ESC) before.

Our association will prioritize the selection of young people with fewer opportunities, young people who face geographic, economic and/or educational barriers.

In FAMDIF we consider that, due to the characteristics of the users with whom we work, it is important that the person who volunteers in our Association has healthy moral and psychological conditions.

We will value those volunteers who are knowledgeable about disability. Also, we will value that you have some kind of experience with people with disabilities (volunteering, family, community, ...).

Specifically, the profile that we would like the volunteers we want to receive to have depends on the programme in which they carry out their voluntary work. Due to the fact that the programs are very varied and are based on the group with which the Murcian Federation of Associations of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities works, we highlight the following characteristics about the profile of the volunteers working at FAMDIF / COCEMFE-MURCIA:

Awareness: We will value that the volunteers who participate are sensitive to disability, that they do not have difficulty speaking in public, and that they enjoy working with adults and children.

Training: We will value that the volunteers who carry out training workshops are interested in the subject of the training of the workshops they will be supporting and that they have a strong interest in the subject of the workshops they will be supporting will participate.

Accompaniment in theater activities: We will value volunteers who show artistic skills and social skills, as well as skills to deal with people with disabilities.

Accompaniment in leisure activities: We will value people who are sensitive to disability and have social skills to deal with people with disabilities.

Office work: Knowledge in graphic design, social media and communication will be an asset.

We will value those people who have a spirit of solidarity and generous giving of the best of themselves, who know how to respect and actively defend the dignity of the beneficiaries and promote the integral development of the beneficiary with empathy and patience.

It is important that they possess a certain degree of maturity, emotional balance, ability to coexist and adapt to teamwork. We will also value positively those people who are participative and communicative in meetings and in work relationships, who are open to new experiences and meeting people, and who are willing to leave doors open to initiative and creativity.

No young person willing to participate in our project will be excluded for any reason (economic difficulties, social or geographical obstacles, cultural or ideological differences, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, gender identity and sex, etc.).

If you are interested send your CV and cover letter to noemi.euroaccion@gmail.com with the subject VOLUNTEER IN FAMDIF / COCEMFE

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