Government, Economy, Culture, and Geography


You have  to be 20 years of age to be able vote. The constitution was adopted the 3rd of May in 1947. The two  leaders of the Executive Branch is  Emperor AKIHITO and Prime Minister Shinzo ABE. Japan's legislative branch is called the Diet or Kokkai. Their judicial branch is called Supreme Court.
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The per capita GDP is $36,200 (2012 est.). The Agricultural Products are rice, sugar beets, vegetables, fruit, pork, poultry, dairy products, eggs, and fish. Japan's  import partners are China 21.5%, US 8.9%, Australis 6.6%, Saudi Arabia 6.9%, UAE 5%, South korea 4.7%(2011).   Japan's export partners are China 19.7%, US 15.5%, South Korea 8%, Hong Kong 5.2%, Thailand 4.6% (2011). Their industries are motor vehicles, electronic equipment, machine tools, steel and nonferrous metals, ships, chemicals, textiles, processed. The labor force is 65.27 milion (2012 est.).The currency in japan is yen.
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The language spoken in their country is japanese. Their religious are Shintoism, Buddhism,  and Christianity. Japan's ethnic   groups are Japanese, Korean , and  Chinese. Japanese is the  nationality.
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Japan natural resources are mineral resources and fish. Japan is mostly rugged and mountainous. Japan has active volcanoes,tsunamis, and typhoons.Also, Japan has about 1,500 seismic occurrences. They are mostly tremos and earthquakes.
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Information gather from https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/ja.html