"The Roaring Twenties"

Babe Ruth pt. 1


-Babe Ruth was a very positive person. He always kept his team up when they were losing and always had a positive attitude. He had over 714 home runs in his whole career over a time span of 21 years.

Babe Ruth pt. 2


-most people on the baseball teams were jealous that he was getting all the attention so they tried to make his life bad.

Lou Gehrig

#4 first basemen Lou Gehrig is a big part of Americas past time. He was the first baseball player to go 17 season in the Major League for the New York Yankees. Was a husband who loved his wife very much but because of being on the road very much, he couldn't be with her as much as he wanted.


Valentines Day Massacre

This is the day where criminals would dress up into the police uniforms and go around and kill people. They killed a total of 7 innocent people. The criminals that were all dressed up were apart of the Al Capone gang

Al Capone

Al Capone was famous for his illegal activity. He was such a bad person who had done so many bad things but he got away with most of the illegal activity that he did. And since he was so good at being bad he only had about 7 years in jail because no person could catch him in the act of doing his bad stuff
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Photo Credit: Harris and Ewing, 1937. Licensed under public domain at wikipedia.com