Bob Marley

Do You Know Him?

Bob Marley was born in nine mile, Jamaica born in 1945 to Cedella Malcolm. His birth name was Roberta Nesta Marley. After living in Nine Mile his mother moved him to Kingston. In Kingston he moved to Trench Town, a ghetto of poverty. 1966 Bob marries "Rita" Constantia and moves to Delaware. He leaves Delaware because he drafted to fight in the Vietnam War and returns to Jamaica to work on his music carrier. While in Jamaica Rita has two children. He also joins the Rastafarian movement. He continues to work on his music until successful. Bob died of brain tumor and lung cancer. They believe it may be linked to drug use.

Bob and Reggae

Reggae music was made in Jamaica in 1960's. At the age of 17 he recorded the song "Judge Not" and makes very little money with his record along with misspelling of his name. He then joins a group called The Wailing Wailers. After getting metal shards in his eye Bob quits his day Job. In 1964 the wailers top the carts in Jamaica selling 80,000 copies of the ska song, Simmer Down. In 1970 Bob releases his 1st record. Bob made his music to make a political statements and begins to smoke Marijuana was a sign or rebellion.

Bob Marley 'Come A Long Way' doco, by Dylan Taite, from 1979
using marijuana was a sing of rebellion

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Bob Marely by Dave Tomasch