North Korea

Bawi, Chan

North Korea Goverment

The government of North Korea is totalitarian. Kim Jong-un, it's held by individual. North Korea doesn't have a rights to vote and they doesn't have freedom. People doesn't have to choose between to reprentativdes so they have less conflict about election. They can't choose freedom in their country, no freedom and elections. Iraq has the same government as North Korea, they share the same gpvernment.


It will not work because everything they do is only one person choice. It gives its people no rights or freedom, it hates the people who didn't worship him. It's cruel and people can't leave out of there own country so people didn't explore other country.


If we can change North Korea government to Democracy all of North Korea will increase. People will have rights to elect their own leader and people will get more educated, new roads, technologies, and buildings will upgrade to new buildings. People will have rights and have a happy life.