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Rajinikanth Impressed with Vikram Prabhu's 'Ivan Vera Mathiri'

I picture a class action, which he saw Vera Maadhiri. Climax fight scenes never seen before, have astounded me by surprise. This film is a good ivan vera mathiri songs entertainer and I hit like," Just ivan vera mathiri songs read it, the letter mentioned superstar. DJ Ganesh powerful, but he is more talk than action is the role of a cop. Police still do not understand why I have always wanted to Yap about the good citizens ? Outs and we liked the idea that the filmmakers.

He is an ordinary man with a very different ivan vera mathiri songs story Mathiri Vera. Plot Summary ivan vera mathiri songs : Gunasekaran, a socially responsible youth, violence among students after the post to him, Lord, Sathasivam, Brother Passes Law Minister. Guna releases his captive Sathasivam lost his post but the Lord wants revenge... Movie Review : You have to be a minister 's brother was kidnapped. He is a ruthless gangster, but you might have your identity ( face reading ) have managed to keep it a mystery.

You 're his hiding place, and yes, at that time, you get a call from your girlfriend. If you ignore it, rather than the present call ( or text a ' call- BK- L ' ) that you can use it to find your quarry, who heard it was a possibility, but to discuss the ivan vera mathiri songs details of the bank, the account number, the louder you are saying. Feels logical and plausible enough, if you have such a situation, he Maathiri Vera is your street. Otherwise, steer clear ! Madras Law College in 2008, the events of the film, a not-so -subtle hint, ( the rest of the fun police ), a law degree opens with scenes of violence unleashed on students. Gunasekaran ( Vikram Prabhu ), a 26 -year-old advertising professional, the news of the victim, and Sathasivam, the karanakarttavana law minister, decided to take over.

To do that, he and his ivan vera mathiri songs brother kidnapped and illegally minister to whom the Lord out of prison on parole ( Vamsi Krishna ), hit. Guna idea to insult the minister to resign his post, the man who breaks his parole hostage, holding him to take that power is a dangerous individual. Guna and Malini ( expected ), he falls in love with an airy, ethereal college student, meets. Meanwhile, Sathasivam resignation and becomes the target of a police investigation, and subtly expressive Lord 's delight. Now, the hard -nosed cop kills Aravindan ( Ganesh Venkatraman ) will continue despite the fact that, in his quest to lure the hunter becomes.

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