I wonder this because i want to go tyhere when im older.

What language they speak in sweden...

in sweden they speak Swedish.

swedish cuisine

-Lingonberry jam

-Pea soup and pancakes

-Cinnamon buns

swedish history

Did you know?

"In 2006 Swedish people had the longest life expectancy in Europe . As of 2010 they were fifth overtaken by Switzerland, Italy, Iceland and France.

Sweden has the smallest gender employment-rate gap in the developed world, with only 4% more men in employment than women."

Swedish woman usually have kids at the age of 30.

Why i wonder this you ask?

I wonder this because its been a dream of mine to travel the world see new city's meet new people. And Sweden is one and the first place I would like to go. I would like to go there so I could learn the language eat the food there and much more...
Travel Guide: Stockholm, Sweden

Take off your shoes...

In Sweden its respectful to take off your shoes in someone's house. Swedes spend most of there time outdoors.


In Sweden swedes think that time should be respected for anything if its a meeting, a interview and much more stuff if your late it will start without you.