Act 1 Scene 1

1971 Roman Polanski Vs 2006 Geoffry Wright

Young Vs Old

Both of the Films did a good job of portraying the Witches though they were different in many aspects.

Wright interpreted the witches to be young and far from what a witch may look like while Polanski portrayed the witches to be old, ugly and really strange.

I personally like Geoffry Wright's version better because you wouldn't expect such evil actions to be thought of by what seems to be middle school girls. that is until you realize they're weird witches!

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Where'd they meet?

Both the film directors took a different spin to the setting of where the witches met, because in the play Shakespeare explains the witches meet outside in lighting, but Polanski took it upon himself to switch that up and make that witches meet in a beach, burying a bloody arm. I don't know how the beach is symbolic to the film but it gives it a different feel to it. Now Wright's video of the witches setting was a bit more different, while Polanski's witches are burying stuff around the beach Wright's little girls are destroying cemeteries!

Mood/Tone of the scene

Both of the films gave the general idea that these three witches are weird and wicked, but Goeffry and Polanski took different elements throughout the scene to express that. While Wright's interpretation of the witches was a bit more "light" because they were little girls, he had to get the point across drastically that they were still witches. So for example; he had to make the witches stab godly statues in the face, scream in weird pitched voices, change the color of the filter, and put them in a cemetery, while Polanski took it a different route by not making the setting intimidating but making the witches look like theyre actual witches with long messed up hair, hunchbacked, old, and ugly.
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