By: Kamiah


The career I have chosen was to be a teacher. The cluster that the career is in is education and training. I picked this job for the following reasons........

  • I like to help kids
  • I think I will be able to make them happy
  • Mean more than just a teacher to them

Training and education

  • Degree Required is that you only need to have your Bachelors Degree
  • preparation Program
  • classes in education and child psychology

Work Environment

Well, the work environment is the school. When you are a teacher you are surrounded by kids, other teachers, parents, and principles. The work environment for teachers is a very safe warm feeling for everyone who comes.

What Do They Do?

Well, the teacher that I wanna be helps different aged kids in different grades. These teachers show and help students how to study and communicate. Also they......

.Create lesson plans for Reading, Math, Social Studies, and Science

.They also absorb their students ablity and things they need help on

.Teach students how to learn and communicate with others

.Grade students assignment to monitor their progress

.Work with students one on one for extra help

.Prepare students before big test

.Devlop and enforce rules in the classroom

.Supervise children at lunch, bathroom, classroom, and recess

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How To Become One?

Well, To become a teacher you have to have your Bachlors Degree in Elementry Education. There's more......

.Some Teachers also have to go to this education program that teaches you how to present information to the students and how to work with young students

.Some states require you to have your Masters Degree as well

.But in all states teachers have to have a certificate or license

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It kinda depends on what kinda teacher you are but even though the teachers get paid different amounts that is still not enough for all of the things that you have to do in life to survive

.Elementary school teachers, except special education $54.890


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Do I still have interest in pursuing this career after completing your research? Yes I do because it is something that I want to do and I want to be able to help them. And I also like to know that I am in a safe environment while doing my job.

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