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December 2017

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Georgia Cyber Academy - National Beta School of Distinction

National Beta is proud to announce Georgia Cyber Academy as a 2017-2018 National School of Distinction. This award is an honor for Beta Chapters striving towards academic achievement, exemplary character, demonstrated leadership and service to others. With an ongoing quest to instill these qualities in more students, the National Beta School of Distinction Award is designed to award those schools that show an increase in membership for the current school year.

“We are so proud of all the hard work our students have put in to receive invitations to the Beta Club. They are a fabulous group of students,” says Rebekah Cooper, this year’s Beta Club Sponsor.

Award recipients received a National Beta School of Distinction banner to proudly display as a symbol of their accomplishment. In addition, National Beta School of Distinction recipients will be publicized at the 2018 National Beta Convention in Savannah, GA this June.

“This prestigious honor is a true indication of Georgia Cyber Academy’s dedication to academic excellence, leadership development and commitment to celebrating their student’s achievements.” said National Beta’s Chief Executive Officer, Bob Bright.

About National Beta: National Beta is the largest independent, non-profit, educational youth organization in America. Since its beginnings in 1934, National Beta has been committed to providing students with a positive experience in a supportive manner in grades 4-12. The organization recognizes outstanding achievement, promotes character and social responsibility, encourages service involvement to school and community, and fosters leadership skills.

For more information about National Beta visit, betaclub.org.

Upcoming Events

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GCA Event Calendar

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Ethan D.

Hi! My name is Ethan and I'm a 6th grader. I started out going to a regular school for Kindergarten through 3rd grade. As an actor, I began spending more time on tv and movie sets, so I chose to switch learning to GCA in 4th grade. Best decision ever. In March, I was diagnosed with cancer. The last 9 months have been hard. I spend a lot of time in the hospital getting chemo, and the days after are spent feeling lousy in bed. I take my school work with me, and sometimes my friend Logan comes to the hospital to do class connects together. My Oncologists and nurses are learning right along with me. Ha! They all think Ms. Price and Ms. Stone are pretty cool teachers like I do. I can't believe we are half way through the year already!

Ethan recently spoke at a Pediatric Cancer Research fundraiser for the Rally Foundation. Here's a link to his speech: https://www.facebook.com/rallyfoundation/videos/10156025061571042/

Kjay S.

KJay has an incredibly busy life for a 14 year old. He is one of Atlanta's upcoming pop star. His songs have played on Atlanta’s radio stations and his 1st EP is being released next week! Listen for his current single "Here with Me" being played on the radio. He is part of Georgia’s Anti-Bullying campaign, traveling to over 65 schools a year to sing for the students and encouraging them to stay in school and bring an end to the bullying and violence.. He has acted in several tv shows and movies including The Wright Sounds, The Brady Bunch meets the Jackson 5, and commercials for Nickelodeon. He is performing at the Phillips Arena for Atlanta’s Winterfest Concert for a sold out crowd of over 21,000 people. Georgia Cyber Academy has given him the opportunity to perform and follow his passions in music and acting , all while earning top grades in the Advanced Learner Program. For his 8th grade year, he is taking 3 Above Grade Level courses and excelling. He truly appreciates all the opportunities at Georgia Cyber Academy because he has been able to follow his passions, all while achieving great academic success as well.

Here's a video of the Michael Jackson tribute: http://viewpure.com/Rp3GrzpnmzE?start=0&end=0

Read more about Kjay: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nyNf75DlX-RSmFMkY_VRHsS-AwfE_YGV/view?usp=sharing

Teacher Spotlight

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Rachel Watford - 7th Grade

HI, I’m Rachel Watford and this is my 5th year with GCA! I currently teach 7th grade ALP English/Language Arts and Social Studies. Before coming to GCA I taught Math for 7 years. I live in Savannah with my husband, Don, and 2 daughters, Dora who is 5, and Ruby who is 3. We love living on the coast and going to the beach! I also love playing sports and spending time with my large, extended family. I come from a family of teachers so I feel like it’s in my blood. I think I have been ‘teaching’ others since I was a little girl…just ask my brother…and I hope to continue until I’m old and gray. It is an honor for me to be a teacher at Georgia Cyber Academy!

Enrichment Opportunities

As part of our Uniquely Brilliant Campaign, K12 and GCA offers a variety of clubs and groups to help enrich your student's learning experience. Check out the GCA events calendar for GCA club events. Also, take a look at the K12 Club page for other opportunities offered across the country.
Georgia Cyber Academy

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