CHES SPED iPad App Challenge - January 2015

Learn, Create & Share CONTINUED

Thanks to those of you who have tried out ChatterPix and have submitted an app review. There is still time to try it out with your students in an engaging and meaningful way. Here is the link to the previous challenge.

This month, we are going to continue the whole idea of getting our students to "learn, create, and share" on the iPad by exploring another favorite app of mine...PicCollage. PicCollage is an app that allows students to create digital posters by adding pictures, backgrounds, stickers, and text. Watch your students' creativity soar with this app. Finished products can be saved to the camera roll where they can be uploaded to Dropbox or app smashed with other apps like ChatterPix, Educreations, or Doodle Buddy.

Step-by-Step Directions for PicCollage

1. Launch the PicCollage app.

2. If this is the first time opening PicCollage, tap the screen to create a new collage. Otherwise, swipe until you see the screen to tap to create a new collage.

3. Tap the bottom left layout button to change the layout of pictures and/or background. Use the slider to adjust the amount of background is visible between pictures. When you have made your selection, tap the white checkmark.

4. Tap anywhere on the screen or the plus sign to add pictures using your camera, from the camera roll, or from the web. (Note: If you’re on the school guest network, you will not be able to load images from the web or use the YouTube option as they are both blocked. You can; however, open Safari, search for an image and save and image to the camera roll. Once it’s in the camera roll, you can then add it to PicCollage.)

5. Use one finger to move the picture around. Use two fingers to pinch in or out to resize/rotate the photo.

6. Tap anywhere on the screen to add additional photos, text, and stickers. You can also tap the plus sign at the bottom.

7. Double-tap a picture to get more editing options such as drawing on top of a picture.

8. Tap the plus sign to add text. When adding text, you have four tabs to edit your text: font style, text color, background color, alignment, and text outline. Format your text as you see fit.

9. Tap the plus sign to add stickers. When adding stickers, you are given a starter pack for free. Caution: Students can browse for more stickers, but most cost money. This can be a time suck if you don't inform the students ahead of time and set expectations that “content comes first.”

10. To delete objects, swipe the object to the top, right corner toward the trash can. If you accidentally delete something, tap the trash can and it will reappear. Keep tapping to get any objects you deleted.

11. When all pictures, text, and stickers have been placed, tap the share button in the bottom right corner (box with up arrow). It will automatically save your creation to your photo library. You are also given more sharing options (most of which are blocked on the county’s guest network). Once the creation is saved, you can then upload that image to any app that pulls from your iPad’s photo library. App smash away! If you have Dropbox installed, the creation can be uploaded for easy sharing and grading.

Your Challenge

  • Explore PicCollage and the resources on this page.
  • Determine a plan for using the app with your students. If you'd like to collaborate on a lesson, check out my calendars for January and February below.
  • Implement that plan in your classroom and submit your review. The link to the review is below.

To Register for Challenge - 15 PD Points

  • Visit the HCPS Professional Development Registration Site
  • Log in and then click start
  • Click on "add course" at the top
  • Scroll down to "ongoing development opportunities"
  • Sort the audience to "CHES"
  • Click "show audience sort"
  • Click on iPad Appspiration
  • Click add course
  • You're done!

Reminder: App Request Process

Step 1: Check the 'HCPS ITRT App List' on Blackboard>How To Tech to see if your app has already been approved. Here is the link as well.

  • If your app is listed: Contact your ITRT let them know the app is approved, and ask them to load it to the iPad(s).
  • If your app is not listed: Go to Step 2.

Step 2: Complete the 'iDevice App Request/Evaluation/Approval Form' (Link on Blackboard>How To Tech). Here is the link as well.

Step 3: Your ITRT will contact you to follow up on the status of your request.

Dropbox Information

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