We as Mexicans... Own Texas!

We own Texas!

Mexicans were the first people to claim Texas. Now the Texas want to go with the U.S, even though we own them! And second of all... some of the U.S citizins don't even want Texas!

They have to follow our rules!

Santa Anna was a good ruler that protected our country. And now the Texans are wanting to go to war with us? They were part of us... but they just just want to go alone. They even didn't obey the rules sometimes!

Last Reason that Texas will not have annexation... they cheated!

The Texans were cheating buy settle on our land without the reqiurements which were:

-Had to be Catholic

-Good Character

-And had to pleadge their loyaty to Spain.

They didn't deserve to settle in the land so therefore... they will NOT have annexation!

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