Blood Chocolate

Liam Ogletree, Bryant Parrett, Hooper Phillips

What is "Blood Chocolate"?

"Blood Chocolate" is the term used to refer to the Africans enslaved to pick cocoa beans in chocolate-producing countries, usually along the Ivory Coast. These people, mostly children, are put into very harsh working conditions and suffer from extreme abuse.

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These conflicts arise from the corruption and lack of law enforcement, such as police. Because of this, kids are able to be enslaved for free labor with no consequence.

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Location/ Countries Involved

Most of the countries involved in this are in West Africa, along the Cote d'Ivoire or Ivory Coast in Africa. These countries include Ghana, Liberia, Guinea, etc.

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Most of this chocolate gathered by slaves come from around the Ivory Coast. About 43% of all the world's chocolate is produced in this area.

What has been done to resolve this issue?

Many people have become aware of this growing problem. Congress passed the Harkin-Engel Protocol that set up rules to end child labor violations. Corporations like Nestle have donated millions of dollars to humanitarian causes as well.

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What else needs to be done?

More people need to become aware of this growing problem.

Plan to address the problem

The first step in stopping these atrocities is getting and staying informed. A practical step would be to let the chocolate-producing companies know their buyers care where their goodies come from.

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