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About the book you NEED to read

Thirteen year old,Yaneck,is a jew living in Poland during the holocaust. After his parents were taken by the Germans,he is also captured and put in 10 different concentration camps. While under the control of the Germans,Yaneck endures beatings and starvation. He sees his friends and other prisoners being murdered where they stand. There was once a time in Yanecks life,before hitler, where he could laugh and walk the streets of Krakow safely. He yearns for that time and vows to survive. This is a true story based on the life of Jack Gruener.

A story not to be ignored

Where are they now?

Down below is more about Yaneck who changed his name to John. The woman speaking is his wife Ruth who also changed her name.
Jack and Ruth Gruener share their story of survival during the MOTNY's 2013 Yom Hashoah program
Prisoner B-3087: Book Trailer