Be An Online Mystery Shopper

Test Out Brands & Get $1000 (Forreal)

2012 is here & so is online shopping.

The days of walking into a store are not over but companies now are looking to improve customers' experience online. You have the opportunity to test brands out online, from your computer and get paid. The companies get a sale, we provide a service and you get paid (plus you get to keep the goods). It's a win-win.

Some brands you might buy...

After your shopping spree, you'll get $1000. It's that simple.

How does this work?

Companies are always looking for new buyers, but they want feedback. We provide the mystery shoppers to them, they analyze your experience and they pay us. In return we pay you a flat rate, which will cover all your expenses plus give you a pretty hefty sum of money for another spree.

When will I get paid?

Upon meeting all requirement, you will then login to your account and print off your redemption certificate (which will be provided to you). Once this is received, your money will be shipped via Fedex within 30 days. You will be able to track your payment through our system so it's no hassle.

How do I start?

Great you ask. Simply sign up below & follow all the instructions!