Cog the half dog and half cat

How to care for my animal

Caring for cog

Cog loves a fluffy bed. His best food is fish, beef and bones, he likes milk and water and sometimes apple juice to drink. Do not leave him in a car in the summer, because he doesn't like the heat. He likes going for walks in the park and loves rain water, For snacks he likes donuts and he likes looking out the window in cars and that's how to take care of cog. I hope you enjoy him.

Description about cog

He has a body of a dog the head of a cat he has also got huge ears he got a waggy tail he is also a quick mover and his eyes glow in the dark he has a powerful nose and can smell things form amile

Key facts

Name: Cog

Age: 16 years

Size: medium sized Dog

Habitat: Jungle

Diet: fox's

LIve: for 100 years