Hunting Ridge Hawk Happenings

August 31, 2021

Working Together

Hunting Ridge Families:

A Note About Safety at Morning Arrival: Please remember that walkers and bikers that use the Illinois and Mallard intersection will cross with the crossing guard guiding them. Please know that drivers must be attentive to and respectful of the crossing guard during this time.

Fremd late start: For families new to Hunting Ridge, Fremd High School has a late start that impacts Hunting Ridge arrival. On Tuesdays, Fremd students start at the same time as Hunting Ridge students. This can cause delays in traffic. To help all of us arrive in a safe manner, we ask for your help in planning for these days and following the direction of crossing guards or police department members helping to support traffic. Please be mindful of walkers and bike riders on these days.

Please remember that parents should park on Mallard to walk their students to the school blacktop areas. The Harvard lot is designated for buses only and we want to make sure students are cleared from this lot.

Parents can also help shorten the morning arrival process by making sure to sign student's self-certification cards indicating they are symptom free.

Getting to Know Our Students:

We continue to take time to get to know more about our students by building connections with them in our beginning weeks of school. Recently, we conducted two fire drills to help our students and staff members become familiar with safe exit paths from the building. We will continue to refine these in the coming months.

We are now beginning the Getting to Know our Students process for academics. Last week parents received letters about the start of MAP testing for grades 206 and the KIDS assessment for our kindergarten students. This information will be used to help teachers better understand the skills that students are bringing to this new year so we can target instruction and begin small group instruction. Daily schedules may be adjusted to allow for school and district assessments to be given in the first half of September.


Mrs. Ortlund

Parent Teacher Association, PTA

PTA - Please consider visiting the PTA website. This time of year we are actively connecting with families to become members of the PTA. The PTA supports students and teachers throughout the year bringing opportunities to enrich the curriculum and build community among our families.

The only fundraiser the PTA hold each year is the Hawk Hustle. This very special event is scheduled for Saturday, September 18, 2021, 8:00 AM. This is a wonderful way to show support for the school and spend time with family and friends. Please consider registering and joining us on this day.

Our next PTA meeting will be Wednesday, September 1 at 7:00 PM. The Zoom meeting link is included with this message. We hope to see you there.

Important Times to Know

Arrival and Dismissal Times

  • Students arrive between 8:30 - 8:40 AM; First bell rings at 8:40AM; Students are in class by 8:45 AM

  • Morning kindergarten dismissal: M-Th, 11:20 AM, Friday, 10:55 AM

  • Afternoon kindergarten arrival (Door #1): M-Th, 12:45 AM, Friday, 12:20 PM

  • Afternoon dismissal: M-Th: 3:25 PM, Friday, 2:35 PM

Absences from School at Hunting Ridge

We ask for help from parents and caregivers to call our attendance line each morning by 9:00 AM to let us know if students will be absent from part or all of the school day. This helps us communicate with teachers and properly record absences. Students that leave school before the end of the day will need a parent to sign them out in the office.

Students that are sick or gone for appointments or family emergencies can coordinate with classroom teachers what lessons and assignments were missed during that absence. These students will not be participating in virtual learning when not at school.