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Value of fine Water Balance For Your Children's pool

What good water balance means to you...

Our customers ask, "why do I need to be concerned about screening & balancing my swimming pool fiberglass pool water? Everything should be great, if it appears clear. Right?" The answer is, "Usually not." The short answer is when the water is not properly balanced, you are not safe, the pool & its parts (filter, pump, heater, pool surfaces, fittings, etc) simply will not last long, and finally, you'll be wasting your cash!

Pool Water balancing for you & the body: Your chlorine, bromine or other sanitizer don't work as efficiently as they need to, if the pH & Total alkalinity are out of balance. You may not want in your hot tub begin getting control when the sanitizer does not work economically, bacteria & other stuff. You can easily end up with skin rashes and eye irritations at least.

Without proper chemical maintenance, you can get water line scum build up, much shortened heater life (the heater either corrodes away due to low pH & Total Alkalinity; we have seen people buy 2 heaters in a single season because they don't believe they need to balance their water!) or scale buildups (high pH, high Total Alkalinity, high Total Hardness) prevent efficient heating (scaling of the depth of just 1 sheet of paper can easily cause you to use a minimum of 10% MORE electricity or gas), clogged filters and shortened filter life. Left completely only, we have even observed the pool liners become faded & brittle & other damage as a result of it is continuous contact with out-of-equilibrium water. Low total alkalinity, consistent & particularly calcium hardness over a span of several months can lead to a shortened vinyl liner life (tons of little, tiny pinholes - no warranty coverage). You didn't buy your pool for that wreck!

Recall that the source water for filling your pool can have certain properties that can cause chemical changes as you top off your pool; notably pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness & minerals & metals. In case your tap water is "soft" or "hard", those substance make ups, make a difference. The utilization of water softeners makes a difference. The water balance will be directly affected by certain salts.

Here are the proper water balance parameters to keep in mind:


- 7.4 - 7.6 Total Alkalinity - 80 - 120 ppm in concrete pools, 120 - 150 ppm in vinyl or fiberglass pools

Calcium Hardness - 200 - 250 ppm in concrete pools, 175 - 225 ppm in vinyl or fiberglass pools Total Dissolved Solids - less than 2500 ppm (in NON-salt pools)

Iron or Copper - ZERO

Cyanuric Acid - 40 - 100 ppm (chlorine pools ONLY; bromine Can't be stabilized; biguanide pools - Soft Swim or Baquacil - do not require stabilizer)

Keeping Total Alkalinity & Calcium Hardness in the centre of their individual "good" ranges is merely a great idea. Everything works only the way it should. The water looks amazing, feels comfortable, chlorine & bromine are acting correctly, water balance is bouncing around.