Upper Valley Career Center

Teacher Academy: the class that sets the standard

Happenings during the 1st quarter: What's going on!?

This year's class members are Ben Langdon, Shanelle Byrd, Matt Jackson, Brandon Lemmon, Alex Madigan, Casey Garpiel, and Michayla Barga!

So far this year, students have studied Developmental Theory, Creating an Environment for Student Learning, and Teaching for Student Learning...

They have also studied effective teaching strategies, and they have spent over 50 hours in different schools and classrooms, working alongside mentor teachers!

Service and Field Trips

In October, TA students helped facilitate Pioneer Day at the Shelby County Fairgrounds.

They also participated in the Ann Anzalone workshop where they learned about brain-based thinking and movement. They also discovered that those who do the talking, do the learning...which was great news to most of them!

Some WONDERFUL Teacher Academy opportunities include:

Teacher Academy is approved by the Ohio Board of Regents for college credit: students can received 2-6 semester hours of college credit!

Students are active participants in the Future Educators Association and are already looking forward to the FEA State Conference at the University of Findlay in March.

Students have completed their Early Childhood observations and are in the midst of their Middle Childhood observations; students are at Troy Junior High, Van Cleve, Piqua Junior High, and Emerson Elementary in Sidney, OH.

Guaranteed to change your life!


1. What is the Teacher Academy schedule? During the weeks we are in lab only, class runs from 8:30-10:30 or 12:00-2:00. For the 2014-15 school year, the AM class will be held at Troy High School for any seniors wanting to take the class. The PM class will be held at the Upper Valley Career Center. When students observe, observations go from 8-10:30 and 12-2:30, each Tuesday-Thursday.

2. Where do I take my academic classes? You take your academic classes at your home schools, or, if you wish, at the Career Center. The choice is yours.

3. What's up with this college credit stuff? Students who successfully complete their teaching portfolio with an 85% or better will receive 2-3 semester hours Introduction to Education college credit accepted at any public Ohio post-secondary institution. Students who attend Sinclair Community College can also receive 3 semester hours Educational Technology credit and a possible $3000 scholarship.

4. What technology does the class require?: All Upper Valley Career Center students receive a laptop to use for the entire school year. Students will also need to be able to connect to the internet outside of school hours.

5. Why should I take this class? Taking this class is a win-win for any student. Not only do you get to observe/teach in various schools and grades throughout the school year, you also get to see what education looks like 'from the other side'. The majority of your year isn't spend sitting behind a desk in a classroom, it is spent actively teaching and participating in the education field. You can also get college credit and scholarships. ALSO, you get to do all this while also participating fully at your home schools; you get the best of both worlds!

Who's the teacher?

Mrs. Becky Kleinhenz is in her 14th year of teaching. Prior to this position, she was a high school English and Communications teacher at Ada High School from 2000-2010 where she served on many committees and teams, was English Department Chair, Junior and Senior Class Advisor, Yearbook Advisor, and was the commencement address speaker for the classes of 2004, 2008, and 2010.

She is a graduate of Memorial High School, in St. Marys, OH. She graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2000, with a Bachelor of Science, and in 2008, she received her Masters in Education from Bowling Green State University. She is currently working towards her Masters in Educational Leadership through the American College of Education. She has a husband, Jon, and two children, Jack and Josie.