Beagan Bugle

May 15th 19th Edition


If you have a beach towel at home that your child can leave in their locker until the end of the year, it would be greatly appreciated. The weather is getting warmer outside and it would be nice to enjoy the blue skies and the birds singing while reading or writing.


Please have your children bring water bottles as the weather gets warmer, we do not have air condition and I want the students to stay hydrated.

A Glimpse Inside the Classroom


By McKayla West

We have been working on our fairy tales, fables and tall tales. We have been making and coloring characters to turn our folktales into a puppet show. When finish our final drafts, we are making our puppet show by using our green screen. It's a green screen because you can search for pictures and create a setting for your puppet show.


By Ian O'Connoll & Aaden Real

In reading, we have been doing MClass testing to show how much we have grown in reading this year. We have also been using magazines to find information from the text and write it in a graphic organizer. The information in the graphic organizer shows what we know about the text and about text features. The magazine articles we have been reading are "The Buzz About Bees", "Cool Ice Cream," and "A World of Good".


By Nathan Girard & Colin Maloney & Brennan Perry

In math, we have been learning about money and how to make and read graphs. Mrs. Beagan has been giving students the CBMA to see how much we have grown since the beginning of the year. You have to use a lot of metacognition to think in your head on how to count up, count by tens, count by fives, put chips into groups, and solve word problems with out paper.


By Juliana Quinlan & Emma Ladd

We have been learning about Painted Lady Butterflies and their life cycle. We have also been learning about the life cycle of meal worms. The stages of the life cycle we have seen with the meal worms are the meal worm stage, the pupa stage and the beetle stage (they came as meal worms so we didn't see the egg stage). We also received our crickets in the mail.


By Isaac Cordeiro & Ava Johnson Hopkins & Tyler Cunningham

On Friday the Bug Guy came! He taught us about and showed us, arachnids and other insects. Some of the insects were moths, butterflies, an African centipede, a scorpion, a tarantula and much more. We learned that moths are nocturnal. That means they are active at night. We saw a hissing cockroach and we learned that a hissing cockroach hisses when predators are near. That is their defense to make predators think that there is a snake near by.

Glows and Grows This Week

"This week I grew and glowed. In my folktale I used a lot more characters than the first one I wrote in the beginning of the year and in my reading response, I use to do three details to answer the question and now I do six or seven details." Savannah Murray

"This week, in writing I grew. If I have the word "and" too many times, I need to see if I can put periods instead.

Lila Maloney

"I glowed because when I did my retell of a book I was proud that I didn't copy from the book. My friends made me feel like I glowed. I also grew this week because one of my friends asked me to come to the rug and I did." Emari Green

Specials & Events

Monday- PE Bring Water Bottle

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Library

Thursday- PE Bring Water Bottle

Friday- Art

Special Events

Thursday- 6:30 Chorus Concert

Friday- 9:00 Memorial Day Celebration




OPTIONAL HOMEWORK- Big Universe, Typing Club and

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