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November Edition - 2022 - Happy Thanksgiving!

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A Message from Principal Johnson

Greetings SMS Family,

This year is going by so fast!! Throughout it all, you have remained loyal to our school and strived to keep SMS moving in the right direction. There are two things that I would like to ask for parental support.

1. Tik Tok - Students are still influenced by Tik Tok Challenges like the "Hot Chip" Challenge. We asked that everyone please speak with their child about not bringing these chips to school or participating in the challenge. The challenge has a negative impact on students' health, and It causes a disruption to the learning environment.

2. Choices - Some students are not making good decisions when it comes to interacting with peers. We are a family, and we constantly express to students about maintaining respect for others. This is challenging with this age group. We constantly speak with them about telling an adult and allowing an adult to intervene on their behalf, first. Students are under enormous pressure to not "snitch." However, to keep everyone safe, we must all work together and be proactive.

My counselors are working with students in small groups to help them learn how to be respectful, how to interact with their peers, how to discourage bullying, and how to use self-control. As a school, we want to do our part to build character and citizenship for our youth.

"The youth are our future and their energy will make us better so we must treasure them too, we must respect them and work hard so that our future is bright."- unknown

Thank you for your continued support!!

Principal Johnson

We Need your HELP!!


We understand that there are situations where one would like to speak with a counselor or an administrator. To make the process easier, please call the school in advance to schedule an appointment. There are a lot of visitors showing up requesting to speak with someone immediately. My assistant principals are not always available to speak with them due to being in classrooms, on cafeteria duty, and in meetings with teachers. Also, our counselors are scheduled to be in classrooms, to meet with small groups, and to meet with students who have made requests.

This will greatly improve our response time by allowing our front desk clerk to focus on registration, check-in/outs, and answering phone calls. If someone does not answer the phone, please leave a message. I have instructed my grade-level clerks, counselors, and assistant principals to return all phone calls within 24 hours. Another great way to connect is by email.

I know there are times when parents have an immediate concern and need us to provide support. My goal is to make sure someone is available to speak with you and not cause more frustration upon arrival.

Thanks again for understanding as we work to provide the best customer service possible.

Contact Information for Grade Levels (feel free to add to your contact list)

6th Grade Office: 770-806-7811 - Mrs. Obu

6th AP. Mrs. Mareka Wilcox email: Mareka.Wilcox@gcpsk12.org

6th Counselor: Ms. Emma Whitmer email: Emma.Whitmer@gcpsk12.org

7th Grade Office: 770-806-7809 - Mrs. Irizarry

7th AP: Mrs. Valarie Morgan email: Valarie.Morgan@gcpsk12.org

7th Counselor: Dr. Brian Cunningham email: Brian.Cunningham@gcpsk12.org

8th Grade Office: 678-380-7228 - Ms. Alvarez

8th AP: Mrs. Karla Dickerson email: Karla.Dickerson@gcpsk12.org

8th Counselor: Ms. Antoine Edwidge email: Antoine.Edwidge@gcpsk12.org

SPED Office: 770-806-8945

SPED AP: Mrs. Gambria Lightfoot email: Gambria.Lightfoot@gcpsk12.org

Principal: Chekquita Johnson email: Chekquita.Johnson@gcpsk12.org

Parent Coordinator(PISC) - Dr. June Harris email: June.Harris@gcpsk12.org

Main Office Number: 7709234131- Mrs. Areola

If you don't get anyone on the first ring, please leave a message or send an email. All AP's and Counselors are constantly checking their email throughout the day.

Native American Heritage Month

It is Native American Heritage Month.

Sweetwater Middle School celebrates #eachandevery individual as we cultivate a culture of belonging while leading with empathy, equity, and excellence to ensure that #TeamGCPS students, families and staff feel welcome, safe, accepted, valued, and prepared for the future. #GCPSBlueprint

Celebrating our Connections Students of the Month, Student Awards, and Events

This Month Upcoming Events

Nov 15 - Meeting with Principal Johnson @ 5:30 - 6:30 pm at Sweetwater Media Center

(Topics Discussed: School Updates, Behavioral Support, and other key items)

Nov. 17 - Local School Council Cluster Meeting at Berkmar HS 8:00

Nov. 21 - 25 - Thanksgiving Break( NO SCHOOL)

The Counselors' Corner


The theme for the month of November is "Kindness." This month we are having a Kindness Challenge at our school. Therefore, we challenge all stakeholders of Sweetwater Middle to show Kindness in the school community. Why be kind? Kindness relieves us of negativity and positions us for success. We have the ability to share our hearts' expressions of kindness when we reach out to others and show empathy. Equity is another aspect of extending kindness because we value not just equality, but also our individual uniqueness as a school community. Overall, the goal is to make the most of our time by being kind. Join us by uplifting the theme of "Kindness" this week…

From the Parent Center

Helping Teens Make Tough Decisions

“Should I stay home to work on my science project or go out with my friends?” “Should I wear something that makes me feel comfortable or buy an outfit that will impress my friends?”

Teens often need to make tough decisions. Compelling desires of the moment may conflict with choices that lead to long-term success. Thinking through their priorities can sometimes make these decisions a little easier.

Here’s an exercise that may help. On a series of note cards, write a list of priorities that may be important to your teen. Here are some examples:

  • Having a lot of friends, being popular.
  • Having money.
  • Getting good grades.
  • Getting into college.
  • Having a boyfriend.
  • Getting along with my family.
  • Excelling at _____________ (for example, music, algebra, cheerleading, soccer).
  • Looking good.
  • Being honest and loyal to my friends.
  • Having nice clothes and possessions.
  • Living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Avoiding drugs and alcohol.

Have your teen sort the cards from most important to least important. Talk about why she put things in the order she did. Talk about your family values. Has your teen faced a tough situation that involved a conflict between two priorities? Ranking her priorities may help her resolve these conflicts in the future.

Fall Festival and Car Show Fun!!

The Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology Registration Information

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