Laurel Hayes


Hobbies and Activities

Im involved in Band and Softball.

Schools and Future School

When i was in kindergarten, I attended Nickerson Elementary. I went there until i was in second grade. My favorite teacher was definitely Mr. Stuckey. After Nickerson i came to Buhler grade. My favorite teacher from there was Mrs. Wilson. I plan on attending KU. i want to be a pediatrician or and optometrist.

Kansas University

My Family

My family includes five girls and one boy, then my mom and dad. i have three younger siblings and two older sibling.

Health concerns

As far as health concerns, I don't have any. However, i will most-likely miss some class time due to a shoulder injury. I have physical therapy often and i am doing my best to schedule around school. But its very important for me to go to physical therapy because the high school softball coach is wanting me to pitch this year.

Contact information

My personal number is 620-474-4348

My moms number {Lisa} 620-560-9261

My dads number {Lester} 620-560-7047