A Game in my Nikes

By Mathew Slaten

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History of Nike

Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman were the founders of the Nike corporation. Nike Was Made in 1964 known as Blue Ribbon Sports. Nike is now just over 50 years old. The name Nike was created by Nike's first employee, Jeff Johnson, from the Greek goddess of victory by the name of ny'-kee.

A Day in The Life of an Oregon Athlete

Dear Phil Knight,

I am a fellow Oregon athlete like you. I play for the football team. First things first I would like to thank you for making the Oregon Ducks the best dressed on the field. I enjoy many of your Nike products, they feel like they improve speed, strength, and how you look. You have went on to become Co-owner and CEO of a great athletic brand to improve people's abilities.

Thank You,

A Fellow Oregon Athlete

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My Passion

I chose Nike because I am an athlete. I believe Nike shoes are the shoes of an athlete. They also look really cool with their variety of styles.

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