User Interface/Web Scripting

5/2 - 5/6: Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank a Teacher

Weekly Learning Goal:

Students will be able to explain how to add sound and video to an object or the Timeline in Flash.

Monday, May 2

Chapter 9 Study Guide Review

Tuesday, May 3

Chapter 9 Test & Make up Day

Wednesday, May 4

Do Now:
Watch the Video: Adding Sound in a Timeline Click here & Answer Questions on Canvas for Chapter 11

Instruction: PPT & Complete Vocabulary on Quizlet
  • Event sounds
  • Stream sound
  • Sound object
  • Linkage Identifier String

Exit Ticket: Chapter 11, Lesson 1 Skill - Due by the beginning of the period on Friday, May 6 - it will be graded

Thursday, May 5

Continue with the assignments from yesterday as shown on the board.

When you are done, move on to Lesson 2 in Chapter 11. Read lesson 2 and answer the reflection questions on Canvas. You may go to Modules to access assignment.

Friday, May 6

Make-up Day
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