Experiencing GOD through Nature

New Sunday School Format for April

Take a look at what we have planned for April and plan to have your kids get excited about GOD.

In an effort to engage our young Sunday school students in meaningful experiences within which they can encounter the love of GOD and learn the basics of our Christian faith we are experimenting with a new Sunday School format. During the month of April instead of four hour long meetings from 9-10 on each Sunday morning we are inviting kids and their families to participate in the four different events listed below. Each event connects to the other so participating in all is highly recommended but if your schedule only permits your child to attend one or two that is perfectly fine. And bringing friends is highly encouraged!

Classroom Lesson

Sunday, April 3rd, 9-10am

Christ Lutheran Church, Social Hall

Prep for taking next week's journey.

During this hour we will introduce kids to the event planned for next Sunday afternoon. We will discuss the kinds of things we expect to see in nature and how learning about nature can help us learn about God. We will plan what we should take with us, what research we should do before hand and how we should dress.

Adventure Hike to Green Lake Park

Sunday, April 10th, 1-3:30pm

Green Lane Boat Rental, 2821 Hill Road, Green Lane, PA 18054


Meet in the Church Parking lot and carpool to Green Lane Boat Rental and begin an afternoon family hike lead by Pastor and Sunday School leaders. Throughout the hike students will be looking for signs of God in nature and taking photos & videos of the examples they find. Discussion and prayer will occur throughout.

Classroom Activity

Sunday, April 17th, 9-10am

Christ Lutheran Church, Social Hall

Students will spend this hour compiling their photos and videos from last week's hike into a presentation of some sort to share with the congregation during 10:15 service next week. Student may incorporate technology to create a video montage, or a simple collage with printed pictures.

Presentation to the Congregation

Sunday, April 24th, 10:15-11:30am

222 Niantic Road

Barto, PA

Come to church and be present to see our video montage of where we found God in nature. Students will participate in the service by sharing their video montage during the Children's sermon.