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The automotive market is a heavily interconnected world with many participating partners and heterogeneous drivers. On the one hand, markets which are rapidly growing must be served, quick rollouts managed, and smooth logistics implemented. On the other, saturated markets require new ideas for mobility, customer retention and value creation in service processes in order to achieve sufficient margins.

Technical innovations also make a difference. The electric power train reduces the need for service and therefore direct customer contact. Connected Car opens up entirely new opportunities for interaction with customers, and customers are becoming more discerning and want personalized service. Information about the life cycle of customers and vehicles is gaining in importance. It is the basis for outstanding sales management and therefore future success.

Sales and Service for a Customized Product

Sales, transport, vehicle preparation, insurance, leasing, service, warranty, spare parts, customer relations, or resale – a vehicle passes through many hands from the factory to the scrapheap.

Despite differences in individual business, all companies face the challenge of setting up their processes and linking them so that data on each individual vehicle is available throughout its entire life cycle.

After all, the intelligent use of vehicle’s history, and that of its owner, is a competitive factor for all partners in the value chain.

And this doesn’t just apply to cars, but equally to motorcycles, commercial vehicles, buses, construction machinery, forklifts, and agricultural equipment.

Our Skills in Sales and Service

At proaxia we work with customers from all areas of the automotive landscape. We are trusted with the vehicle processes for various brands, in a range of markets and countries, and from the specific perspective of the different process participants.

Vehicle Life Cycle Experience from our long-term collaboration with customers, our exchange with innovative university projects, and our own research projects for deploying new technologies allows us to continually expand our skills and expertise. We have a solid basis for designing comprehensive process and solution architectures and implementing flexible and future-proof solutions.

We are highly committed to managing complexity, supporting innovative business models, and establishing workflows in and between companies so that you can grow with the changes of the market.

We get your sales and service processes running and integrate manufacturers, distributors, dealers, fleet providers, and your partners for sustainable business success in a networked market.