learning targets 19-23

how the constitution agianst tyranny

by: christina cox

Learning target 19: The U.S. Constitution Guards against Tyranny

example 1: The president can only serve a 2 terms of a 4 year office. This prevents tyranny so that one president doesn't get too much power in office.

example 2: The Government has an age limit! Presidents must be 35, Senate members must be 30, and House Of Representatives must be 25. This stops tyranny so that there is experience in the government.

example 3: People get to vote for the Representatives who run for the Government! This prevents tyranny because it makes sure that a bad leader doesn't go into office and so the citizen scan be apart of the government.

learning target 20: The constitution separates the power of the Branches of Government

example 1: the legislative branch get to propose 'bills' that can be voted on to become laws

example 2: another example of how the branches powers are separated is, the executive branch has the power to either sign or veto the laws that were proposed by the Congress.

example 3: The Judicial branch gets to make sure the laws are constitutional. These ways show how the situation and the separation of powers prevents Tyranny because it gives each branch different powers about the same topics so one branch doesn't get too powerful, and so each branch gets a say.