Room 1 News

February 7, 2014

Important Notes & Upcoming Events

Friday Folders: Friday Folders are coming home this afternoon. Please review your student's work with him/her. It is important that the students be held accountable for the work they turn in and a great way to do this is to look over their work with them and ask them questions about it.
Look Specifically For:
- Kindness Cards: In a manilla envelope you will find "Kindness Cards." Please have your student fill out a card for each student with a personalized compliment. Then return to school by Thursday for an activity that we will complete during the Valentine's Day party.
- Dance-A-Thon information

February Break: There will be NO SCHOOL : 2/16 - 2/21 - I hope everyone has a great break and enjoys the time with their family.

Valentine's Day Party: Friday, Feb. 14th is our Valentine's Day Party! Please feel free to bring Valentine's...but remember to bring one for the entire class!

: The Dance-A-Thon is February 28th. Please look in your student's Friday Folder for the donation forms. Please return those ASAP as we are already behind schedule. The kiddos chose the theme: Kirsch's Kool Karate Kids. So please start thinking about a costume.

Week of 12/2 - 12/6 at a Glance:
Monday: Don't forget Book Clubs C & D are due
Tuesday: CA Run, Library, & Music
Wednesday: I'm out for training
Thursday: CA Run, HOT Time, Ch. 2 Social Studies Test
Friday: Valentine's Day Party & WHEEL

What We Are Learning