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Girrafes Long Necks!

Giraffes have long necks because the are herbivores. No It dose not mean that all herbivores have long necks but they haave them to get fruirt or leaves off of trees. Do you ever wonde if Giraffes are ansesters of the horse? Well No. horses and giraffes actually belong to two very different orders: horses are odd-toed ungulates, while giraffes are even-toed ungulates. Thus, giraffes are more closely related to whales then to

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Where Do Giraffes live?

Well Giraffes Live In diffrent parts of africa. they are wild animals but can be captured into the zoo.

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What Are They Vertbrates or Invertbrates

Ofcorse they are vertbrates thats what their long necks stand up on they dont have a blanket stuffed in it!

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