Eastwood Elementary News

January, 2019

Welcome 2019

Everyone here at Eastwood Elementary wishes you and your family a very happy and healthy 2019!

This school year really seems to be going fast! As we move forward, there are a couple of points of interest for you to remember. The 2nd quarter ends on January 10th. We will be sending home grade cards at the elementary on Thursday, January 17th. With the end of the 2nd quarter, it means we will reset everyone with our demerit system in grades 3 through 5. Everyone has a fresh start beginning on January 14th.

Happy retirement Mrs. Lind

We want to wish Mrs. Lind health and happiness in her retirement. She requested that her retirement be done quietly and out of respect to her, that is exactly what we did. She finished up before break and we will be returning in January with Mrs. Blausey filling in during January. We will move forward from there.

Carolyn has been a rock of support to all of us as we moved to our new building and want nothing but the best for her in her retirement years!

Mrs. Schaffner's 2nd grade.

Mrs. Schaffner’s second graders are learning about force and motion.

Culture of our Building

As we continue to move forward with building a culture within our school that strengthens all of us, we continue to stress to students the need to reach out to everyone, to make everyone feel apart of our school. We spent the last week talking about what it takes to be kind to someone. Our goal was for everyone to not only be kind to their friends or adults, but be kind to someone that they may not know very well. We talked about how being kind doesn't mean you have to become best friends, just a simple gesture of opening a door, saying hi or including them in an activity. We will be following up on this after break to see if anyone wants to share stories of something they did that made them or others feel good about being at Eastwood Elementary.

We know that this is a long process and progress doesn't happen quickly for everyone, but we are committed to continue to try.

PTO News

The PTO officers and I met to look at plans for the rest of the school year. We will be hosting a Family Dance Night. It is replacing the bingo night that we held in previous years. We know this is a change and we are not saying that we can't bring back the bingo night, but at this time, we do feel we have enough time to properly prepare for the all the needs that Bingo Night requires.

We are excited to host this free family dance night filled with fun and entertainment. There will be a flyer coming home explaining everything about the dance nights and all the activities included. The dance is being held on Saturday, February 9th, at the elementary gym.

From Mrs. Asmus

In January, Mrs. Asmus will take a pause from NEST lessons and will be going into each 3rd grade classroom for several days. We participate in a county-wide Sexual Abuse Prevention Project to teach students about how to get away from dangerous situations and to always tell a trusted adult if something bad is happening to them. Parents of 3rd graders will find a purple letter in their child's folder providing more details on this program.

Lunch Calendar

Big picture

Important Dates to Remember


1st...Happy New Year, NO SCHOOL

2nd...School Resumes

10th...End of 2nd quarter- 41 days

11th...NO SCHOOL- Teacher In-service Day

15th...2nd grade music program at 7:00 at High School

17th...Grade Cards go home

21st...NO SCHOOL- Martin Lutheran King Day

29th...BOE mtg. at 6:00


4th...2 hour delay for in-service

5th...PTO mtg. at 3:45

9th...Family Dance Night

14th...Valentine's Parties at 2:30

18th...NO SCHOOL-Presidents' Day


5th...2 hour delay for in-service

9th...PTO family dance

18th...BOE mtg. at 6:00

21st...Kangaroo Math competition- after school for those who signed up

22nd...End of 3rd quarter-48 days

25th- 29th...NO SCHOOL- Spring Break


1st...School resumes