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- President’s Message- -Scholarships- -HSA Awards-

-Teacher Appreciation- -Reflections- -Questions/Concerns?-

-8th Grade Festivities- -Restaurant night- -3rd Qtr Grade Review-

-3rd Quarter Honor Roll & Principal's Honor Roll-
-Planning Trips???- -Music Returns to Bert Lynn- -Dress Code-
-Instructional Models- -Dates to Remember-
-Important Dates Multicultural Calendar-

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A message from our PTSA President...

Dear Bert Lynn Families,

I hope you are all well and that you had a relaxing and fun Spring Break. Things have certainly changed quite a bit since our last newsletter! It is wonderful to see students back on campus and things slowly getting closer to normal. You might have noticed that the look of our newsletter has also changed! We are excited to now be able to offer our newsletter in a translatable format. We hope this will allow even more families to get to know about our PTSA, how we help to support our school and students and encourage all our Bert Lynn families to volunteer and become a part of the Bert Lynn PTSA.

It is hard to believe we are already in the final quarter of the school year and that school will soon be wrapping up. This has been an especially challenging year for so many, including our teachers, students, parents and the PTSA, as we have had to learn to teach, learn and provide support and services in new and different ways. We would like to thank all those who have continued to support the PTSA during these difficult times through your membership and donations. Your support has allowed us to continue to sponsor important programs and services such as Reflections, Adventures in Art, Honor Roll recognition, spirit contests and clubs, as well as provide class enrichment funds to teachers and emergency prep supplies. We were also happy to be able to help welcome back our students and teachers to campus with a “Welcome Back Leopards” sign and a small care package for the teachers. Our work isn’t done yet though! Teacher Appreciation Week is just around the corner and our 8th grade promotion committee has been working tirelessly to ensure our 8th graders have a fantastic promotion celebration and end of year picnic! None of this would be possible without your support, however. It is because of your generous donations and support through membership that these and other PTSA programs and events are made possible.

As this is my second and, therefore, final year serving as PTSA President, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful volunteers for their hard work these past two years. It has been my honor and privilege to work with you in serving our students and school, especially through these unusual and challenging times. Bert Lynn is incredibly lucky to have the amazing volunteers that it does, but our PTSA is always looking for new individuals to help out! Our PTSA benefits and is made stronger when we enlist the talents and perspectives of as many of our members as possible, so I encourage all of you to consider volunteering. Our school and PTSA can be made even greater with the help of all of you!

Thank you again for allowing me to serve as your 2019-2021 PTSA President. I sincerely hope you all stay well, and you have a wonderful end of the school year!

Monique Muller

PTSA President

2020-2021 Bert Lynn PTSA Scholarship Winners

Each year 2 seniors are chosen by a Scholarship committee for their outstanding academics, community and volunteering service and letters of recommendation. Both are former students from Bert Lynn and are currently in their senior year at West High. They received a $500 Scholarship check on behalf of the Bert Lynn PTSA. They will also be honored at the May 11 Zoom PTSA Board Meeting.

Congratulations to both-


Bert Lynn PTSA Scholarship Committee

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Honorary Service Awards Recipients 2021

> Catherine Banim > Suzanne Gibson > Tara Graves

> Kevin Mackintosh > Dayna Mackintosh >Monique Muller

Congratulations to our Honorary Service Awards (HSA) winners this year. The HSA Awards recognizes individuals and organizations who have contributed outstanding service to youth in our community. This year Bert Lynn recognized 6 amazing individuals from our community including one posthumously. Here is a tiny intro about each of our recipients:

Katie Banim

Katie Banim was recognized for her dedication and commitment to her students and their families with every aspect of their musical learning.. In addition to her role as music and chorus teacher at Bert Lynn Middle School, Katie also volunteers in the community. She always go above and beyond to encourage her students. She often pairs struggling students up with other more seasoned musicians to mentor them to bring out their best.. She might even dye her hair pink to encourage her students to participate in programs

Suzanne Gibson

Suzanne Gibson has been volunteering in the South bay for quite a while. Much of her volunteer work has been in her community and through the schools, Over the past thirteen years, Suzanne has been involved with Adventures in Art (AIA) , Renaissance Faire, Scholarship committee, 8th grade picnic and Reflections Judge, to name a few. She also has often assisted in Art programs with teachers when docents were not available. Suzanne's passion for art inspires her students; she is happiest when she is in a creative roll.

Tara Graves

Tara Graves is currently a 4th Grade Teacher at Victor Elementary, where she is in her 22nd year. Tara’s contributions to Victor include Science Nights, Family Math Nights, serving on the Special Ed Committee, and as a PTA grade level rep. At Bert Lynn, Tara has served as the 3rd VP, Scholarship Chair, as well as serving on the Nominating Committee and as the Victor and Music Liaison for the Bert Lynn PTSA. Tara is currently the Music Board President at Bert Lynn. Tara additionally mentors and encourages newer parent volunteers in the PTA/PTSA.

Scout Master Kevin Mackintosh

Scout Master Kevin Mackintosh has served the Bert Lynn Community as Eagle Scout advisor for an amazing number of Eagle Scout Projects over the past 10 years. With 52 successful Eagle Scout Projects completed and one currently “in the works”, Mr. Mackintosh has accomplished something truly inspirational. Worthy of distinction each scout project reflects hundreds of hours of volunteer work and each project represents a milestone of accomplishment that is achieved by only four percent of scouts.

Dayna Mackintosh

Dayna Mackintosh began volunteering as an Adventures in Art docent when her youngest was in 1st grade. She then led the program at Bert Lynn. She learned so much from this program that she was able to get a part time job teaching art to children and continues to do so. A few of her roles were Room Mom and a Soccer Team Mom outside of school, Working at the front desk at West, the Booster Club, Swim Team and Water Polo Team, as well as countless hours with Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts.

Monique Muller

Monique Muller, our current PTSA President, has served at Bert Lynn as Recording Secretary, 3rd VP, and President for the last two years. While doing her duties at Bert Lynn, she is also serving as the Blue-Ribbon Week Chair at West High School. She previously served at Towers Elementary as 1st VP, Historian and President pro tem for 1 ½ months. She has also served on multiple committees and was chair of the Mother-Son event for 2 years and room parent and baseball team mom for both her boys throughout their elementary schooling.


Hi Bert Lynn Parents and Families!!

‘”Teachers teach because they care. Teaching young people is what they do best. It requires long hours, patience, and care.” – Horace Mann

Teacher Appreciation Week is the week of May 3rd-May 7th!

This is an opportunity to honor and appreciate teachers and recognize their lasting contributions to education and society and the lives of our students. We encourage students to prepare gifts, thank you cards, video messages and whatever other creative opportunities to give to their teachers. Despite the challenges this year, their hard work has not gone unnoticed. Let’s overwhelm them with our generosity!!

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Congratulations to the Bert Lynn Reflection Winner’s for the 2020-2021 Contest

Visual Arts

Leah Ho-Award of Excellence-Torrance Council-Award of Merit

Conan Murakami-Award of Merit

Shriya Laddagiri-Honorable Mention

Matthew Bang-Special Artist-Award of Excellence-Torrance Council-Award of Excellence


Nivian Gounder-Award of Excellence-Torrance Council-Award of Merit

Leah Ho-Award of Merit

Madhumitha Vjay-Honorable Mention


Kyna Sarhaya-Award of Excellence-Torrance Council-Participation

Anagha Kashyap-Award of Merit

Hananiah Vijay-Honorable Mention

Music Composition

Nivian Gounder-Award of Excellence-Torrance Council-Award of Excellence

Dance Choreography

Cameron Merendo-Award of Excellence-Torrance Council-Honorable Mention

Nivian Gounder-Award of Merit

Film Production

Katherine Song-Award of Excellence-Torrance Council-Award of Excellence

Madhumitha Vijay-Award of Merit

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Next Year's Reflections Theme

The 2021–2022 Reflection’s theme is I Will Change the World By…



Our success relies on our effective communication. If you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to drop us a line. Our staff is committed to returning your call within 24 hours. However, please note we are experiencing intermittent connectivity issues which may result in dropped conversations and lost messages. If you do not receive a call back please call again.

Calling All 8th Grade Parents!


With the new current TUSD and County guideline changes we are now able to give our 8th Graders an end of year PICNIC! -JUNE 9th!!

Promotion is just seven weeks away and your donations are still greatly needed to help us reach our donation goal! We had to make some last-minute changes to our original plans, but we also added lots of fun!

We do not want our 8th graders to have anything less than a GREAT promotion experience, so please donate if you can!

We've made donating even easier by providing the attached link. We're asking for a $25 donation for each 8th Grade Student BUT any amount is greatly appreciated and will help! Please send in your donation by May 7th, if possible, so we can finalize details. A HUGE thank you to families who have already generously donated for their 8th Grader, it is truly appreciated!

3rd Quarter Marks Reviewed

We are pleased with our 3rd Quarter Grades. This quarter we saw the number "A"s increase from 61% to 63%. Schools across the country are experiencing concerns regarding poor student performance associated with “remote learning.” While I cannot attest to what is happening at other schools, Ms. Bedrossian and I have observed all of our teachers and we are inspired by how our faculty have pushed past instructional limitations of Google Classroom by providing engaging lessons. Our faculty still hold high expectations and our students have demonstrated particularly good academic growth.

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Third Quarter Honor Roll

Principal's Honor Roll - 166 Students!!! (We actually gained 7 Students this quarter!!)

Students listed received a GPA 4.0.
In addition, Citizenship and Effort Grades were satisfactory or better.
On behalf of everyone at Bert Lynn congratulations for achieving marks at the highest levels demonstrated by students at Bert Lynn Middle School.

Third Quarter Honor Roll List - 347 Students received a 3.5 or better! 57% of our students are on Honor Roll !!!!

Congratulations to our Honor Roll recipients. Students listed received a GPA between 3.50 and 4.0. In addition, Citizenship and Effort Grades were satisfactory or better.
On behalf of everyone at Bert Lynn congratulations.

Planning Trips???

A growing number of families are experiencing the ramifications of traveling during the school year. While two or three days may not adversely affect a student’s grade, 5 days or more will. Bert Lynn Middle School does not offer academic contracts beyond 10 days. With this in mind, a student's grades will likely drop by one whole grade for every 5 days missed. Research shows that missing 10 percent of the school, or about 18 days in most school districts, negatively affects a student’s academic performance. That translates to just two days a month and it is known as chronic absence. PLEASE plan your trips accordingly. Simply put, "saving money" by traveling during the school year will have a hidden cost to your child’s academic success

The Sounds of Music Returns

Music returns to Bert Lynn this week! As our county continues to show signs of recovery and we transition from the Orange Tier towards the Yellow, our students can start doing more "normal" school activities. Under our current guidelines students can play outdoors with specially designed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Summer is in the Air

Longer days, and warm weather mark the race towards summer. During this time it is important for all of our students to “keep their heads in the game” as several classes shift from simple student demonstrations to culmination projects. Time management is key. Parents are encouraged to work with their children to calendar projects and to plan study time. This should help reduce problems associated with “night-before” projects. It has been a great year and our learning community has many accomplishments to celebrate. Let’s all work together to ensure a strong finish to a great school year!

Dress Code Reminder

During the upcoming warm spring days many students put away their winter wear and raid their closets for last year’s summer attire. Frequently last year’s attire appears to have shrunk, when in reality your child has grown. While it may be difficult to replace a favored pair of summer shorts or shirt, we ask for your help reviewing our student dress code. (An electronic copy of our handbook can be found online.)

A few reminders for our students: Skirt length should fall between the hip and the knee. No “mid-drift” or low cut blouses or shirts; no off the shoulder tops or spaghetti straps. Pants, shorts, skirts, etc. with a low waistline should only be worn with shirts long enough to cover the stomach area. Generally speaking student shorts and pants should provide adequate posterior coverage, no “mini-skirts”, “short-shorts” or “sagging.”

Instructional Models - Concurrent/Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning

As our cohort students and teachers have returned to school, there are two instructional models that our teachers are using, concurrent/synchronous and asynchronous.

In concurrent/synchronous learning teachers deliver instruction simultaneously for students in-person, on campus and virtually, at home. If your child’s teacher(s) is using this model, then at home you will see your child logging onto google meets, google classroom, or zoom and doing work with their class. There are many iterations of this model; the possibilities are really endless and teachers are trying new strategies often to see what is effective and what is not.

The other model is asynchronous learning. In this model, teachers will teach the students physically present in their classrooms while students are engaged in independent work and projects at home. If your child's teacher is using this model, you should see your child engaged in reading, writing, independent work and projects during their scheduled class time. They will be logging onto google classroom to access resources and assignments and should be actively working during their time in that class.

If you have any questions regarding instruction, please contact your teacher first and then call our office for any additional information.

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Multicultural Calendar- Upcoming Dates

The rich diversity in our communities is reflected in the observances celebrated by various cultures and populations. National PTA has created this Multicultural Calendar to highlight and celebrate the diversity in our PTA and school communities. If you want to learn more about these holidays, we encourage you to visit the links provided in the calendar.

(Click here for a list of dates: )

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