Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin

By: Alicia W.

Who is Buzz Aldrin?

Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin was an astronaut and was the second person to land on the moon in 1969. But before he was into becoming an astronaut he became an air force officer for the U.S Military Academy in 1951. But he most recognized for landing on the moon and many other space missions.

More about Buzz Aldrin

Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr. was born January 20th, 1930 in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. He was interested into flying for the air force, so he went to the Military and became an air force officer for 21 years. After his experience with the Military he got an offer to go into space. July 20th 1969 he was the day Aldrin went to the moon with Neil Armstrong. When they got to the moon Armstrong was the first to step foot on the moon and the 19 minuets later Aldrin stepped foot and they were the first Americans to step foot on the moon. In 1971 Aldrin resigned from the astronaut program and chose to have active duty with the air force. A couple years later Aldrin received a doctor's degree in astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Then in 1998 he founded the ShareSpace Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes people who have interests in space travel.
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