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Dentistry: It Has Come a Long Way, Baby!

If you were around within the early nineteenth century, a toothache might have you at the barber shop, waiting for your barber to complete his hair cutting job so he could pull that aching tooth! Over time, there were huge advances in patient comfort, dental techniques, and infection control, with fluoride discovery, more efficient anesthesia, and the usage of x-rays to pinpoint injury and decay.


Do you recall those days of metallic, bulky, train-track braces? Currently, metallic braces largely have been replaced with more lightweight models. Ceramic, or porcelain braces often are worn by those wishing to straighten out their teeth, as they’re barely noticeable. These days, a massive amount of individuals are choosing Invisalign braces. They straighten the teeth using removable, clear aligners over a period of time and nearly are invisible.

Laser Dentistry

They distribute energy within the form of light, and depending upon the treatment, this light energy is provided at different wavelengths to the space being treated. These spaces might be gum tissue or decay, enamel, or laser dentistry might be utilized to enhance whitening. It also can assist patients in relaxing - lasers do not make that awful drill sound! It might decrease the necessity for sutures, anesthesia, and minimize infection and bleeding. Damage to the surrounding mouth tissues also might be decreased.

Cosmetic Dentistry

You’ll no longer need to suffer chipped teeth or an uneven smile. Tooth enhancement using Lumineers or veneers will mean it’s possible to have a celeb smile within only a couple of visits! As veneers require a dentist to grind down the existing teeth, take moulds, as well as match you with temporary teeth for a couple of weeks until the new ones are prepared, Lumineers include a thinner style which fit directly over the natural teeth.
Cosmetic tooth whitening now has become affordable and popular, with rapid in-office whitening treatments or convenient trays to take home. Cosmetic whitening may drastically lighten the teeth in a couple of easy treatments.

Botox in Dentistry

Why should you visit 2 different places when it’s possible to get your tooth repaired, as well as erase frown lines simultaneously? A few dentists currently provide Botox for skin rejuvenation alongside dental treatments. Even though obtaining Botox at the dental office is by no means common, it is just an additional case of how dentistry is changing for the better.

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