Moving Ahead with Multiage

Bluebonnet's K-1 Pilot Program

Where are We Now

The 2013-2014 school began with some significant changes occurring at Bluebonnet Elementary. The Mulitage Committee decided to support the development of an initial pilot classroom to model the multiage concepts. Karen Brininstool and Beth Hilsabeck were eager to begin the process of bringing the K-1 multiage classroom to Bluebonnet during the fall 2014-2015 school year.

Sample Curriculum Developed

Vertical alignment for all curriculum areas were studied and state standards were found common among both grade levels.

Anticipated Professional Development

"Make sure teachers moving into multiage classes are properly trained. That's the caveat," he says. "If you are trained appropriately for a multiage classroom, there is an advantage for the kids..." Stephen Daeschner, superintendent of the Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Ky.

Parent Outreach

Our goal in making our students' classroom placement decisions is to create the best possible learning environment for every student. To order to meet this goal we believe in:

  1. Providing an informational night with a Q & A session that will provide our community with the important information they need to understand the principles behind a multiage classroom.
  2. Providing both single-setting and multiage options for K-1 students.
  3. Valuing parent input concerning child's placement.

Cultivating an Environment of Change

We believe by creating environmental changes to our current spaces we will add to the uninhibited, learning and flexible grouping that needs to occur in a multiage classroom.

Moving Ahead with Multiage Begins Today - Thank you!

Lana Fisher, Principal Bluebonnet Elementary

Tami Braun, Assistant Principal Bluebonnet Elementary

Karen Brininstool, Kindergarten Bluebonnet Elementary

Beth Hilsabeck, 1st grade Bluebonnet Elementary