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Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Anclote High School has been nominated for the Silver Schools Award!! This award recognizes that we have many volunteers supporting our school community. Mrs. Winans started working on improving systems that allow us to report volunteer hours and Mrs. Beckett continued this work and we MADE it!! Please see Mrs. Beckett if you have someone volunteering with you and you have questions about reporting.

Family Feud, Take 2!

The Feud was such a hit last week that Host Vantassel is bringing it back! Click here to join in the fun tonight at 8:00!!

Student Check Out

Next week we will be having students come to campus to return devices, clean out lockers and pick up some items. This is a big undertaking and Mrs. Waide has done a great job organizing this 4 day event for smooth operations next week. We need to have key staff members on campus to assist with this process. You have received an email from me if we need you present. CDC guidelines will be followed by staff and students.

You ROCK!!

I appreciate all of your hard work in getting students engaged in their courses. Our Friday report indicated great positive movement in kids getting kids on track and it was noticed at the Superintendent's level!! Thank you, Mr. Smith for organizing the collection and presentation of this data!

Virtual Graduation: June 3

On Monday, the admin team went to the district office to record our virtual graduation. It turned out great! Behind the scenes, Mrs. Donovan, Ms. Sparks and Mr. Caldwell worked tirelessly to get student photos for the presentation. Additionally, they created the greatest speech videos in the county by inviting them to school to record professional videos! While its not the ideal situation and not what any of us wanted first... the virtual graduation will be wonderful. It will air on Pasco County Schools facebook at You Tube Channel on June 3 at 3:00. We hope that you will join us in celebrating these amazing seniors!

Friday Prom Fun

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Tuesday Celebration of Top Ten, Val/Sal, Outstanding Senior and Turn Around Student

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