social studies

Chapter 6 section 2

How did pericles strengthen democracy?

Pericles strengthened democracy by reminding people that Athena was unique. Pericles words had special meanings. He spoke during the first years of war. After he spoke the golden ages happened and i thought it sort of gave many achievements to Athens.

Greek gods

Why Greek gods are important

Greek gods are important because they were able to give advise. The gods were worshiped in many ways. Some people made sacrifices to people and animals to make them help people. Zeus is like the god of the gods he is in charge of all of the gods.

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Visual and dramatic arts

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The Parthenon was a big temple. It was know that the god Athena could speak there.

It was sort of a church for the olympian gods.

visual and dramatic arts

The Greeks used visual and dramatic arts to learn. Visual arts are paintings that had something to do with nature. Dramatic arts were writings such as poems or stories.

What i liked about doing this

This is more fun than doing notes.