Digital Footprint

By: Jakub Trela

What is a Digital Footprint? and why its important?

A digital Footprint is basically the way you present yourself online. Its the footprints you leave online coming from any of your social media accounts. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc... Now why is this important? Its important because you wanna make sure your social media accounts are positive and really good. You wanna make sure you post the right pictures or even appropriate status updates. You wouldn't wanna have your boss see a picture of you at a party, holding a beer in your hand. If you were applying for a job with those kinds of pics, theirs a high chance you wont get it. Furthermore its also important not to give out too much personal information. There are a lot of different kinds of people in the world and one of does people maybe could be stalking you, and maybe even thinking of kidnapping. So make sure your personal information is at the right amount.

My Digital footprint

When it comes to me and my social media accounts, I think im just in the middle of them. Some examples that i have are, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap chat, Phhhoto, Linked in, and blogger. You might think this is a lot but its really not. Now The top 3 I use have the most pictures of me and the most information. I don't give out to much information, but just the right amount, and my pictures are appropriate to put out there. Here are my examples.

Impacts of my Digital Footprint

My digital footprint is pretty good right now. I dont really have to worry about deleting any pictures or status updates. Maybe some time in the future ill consider to delete some pictures but most could probably stay. Whats helpful is that some pictures I have on there actually prove that i played for my high school soccer team and was in certain type of clubs. This could have a positive view for when im applying for a job and my manger/boss sees my profile and could tell I was really active in high school and still am. On the other hand there really isnt anything harmful that could affect my digital footprint in the future.

What to do better

What i can do better to have a better online identity, is maybe give out more information on what school I go to and what I participate in. This could make my online identity more clear and people would know what im interested and what I like to do. But I have to make sure its just the right amount.

What i've Learned

I learned that maintaining a positive online footprint is really "key" to your life in the future. Keeping your profile clean and strong could really have a positive outcome in the future. It could also maybe help you get a job one day, so i say watch what you post and keep them appropriate.


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