JISD Library Services Newsletter

October 2020

October 18-24 is National Friends of the Library Week

Judson ISD has a Friends of the Library group, and this month we highlight their contribution and our need for support across the district. We would appreciate your support!

Friends of JISD Libraries Mission Statement

The mission of the Friends of JISD Libraries is to promote literacy and the essential role of school libraries in JISD while providing district-wide equity in literacy experiences, connecting all stakeholders to a community of readers and writers for a lifelong love of literacy.

Friends of JISD Libraries' Goals

1. Educate the community (parents, students, employees, residents) about library services that impact reading, critical thinking, and lifelong learning essential to a democratic society.

2. To sponsor district-wide literacy events.

3. Host an informational and educational website.

How does this translate to our friends?

1. We want to offer author and illustrator visits throughout all schools, regardless of their ability to financially contribute to the visit.

2. We want to offer resources equitably among schools such as maker-space materials, games, puzzles, Rubix Cubes, etc.

How can I help?

1. Buy the cup for $12 at My School Bucks page or ask your campus librarian. They're also available at the ERC with Ms. Trish at the reception desk.

2. Make a donation on the My School Bucks page.

3. Tell your friends about us!

4. If you know of a corporation or business that would like to sponsor an event for advertisement and/or a charitable donation, please refer them to me at parevalthompson@judsonisd.org

Before the Pandemic

Before the Pandemic started, the Friends of the JISD Libraries were off to a great start! We had Ms. Rose Williams, one of the last Holocaust survivors in SA, scheduled for March for Holocaust Remembrance Day.

We had plans for summer programming. In collaboration with the Converse Public Library, we were going to host author Chris Barton who wrote Whoosh! Lonnie Johnson's Super-Soaking Stream of Inventions, as well as many other books, in June. We were working with the Universal City Public Library to host author Xavier Garza who wrote several books about Mexican wrestlers.

We hope to continue our collaborative efforts soon!

District Library Programs in Action

Curbside Pick-Up Around the District

Librarians across JISD have been working diligently to increase access to library resources, both digitally and physically. The libraries are starting to roll out curbside services for remote learners, as well as classroom delivery and/or student pickup for those attending Face-To-Face instruction.

Over the summer, the librarians met virtually to discuss the safety of staff and students when handling, distributing, and collecting library materials. During these professional developments, they researched sanitation and quarantine solutions for returned books, as well as the best options for student checkout. Through this collaboration, they developed district-wide strategies.

Students can place holds through Destiny Discover (found in the JISD Portal) and pick up according to their library’s procedures. All of the JISD high schools are allowing pickup at all hours of the school day, and some even include the option for after-hour pickup. Similarly, Wortham Oaks ES has their books and STEAM kits held in the front office, allowing for patron access throughout the day. Others, such as Franz ES, Converse ES, and JMS/JSTEM, have designated pickup times/days. The schools are all working to accommodate for various work and/or child care schedules. Regardless of how students get their books, the JISD librarians are proud that Face-to-Face and remote learners have safe opportunities to choose their books this school year.

Cool Collaboration @ VMHS

Ms. Treanor's Honors English II class read Frankenstein, and they will be putting Dr. Frankestein on trial for the neglect of his monster. In preparation for either the defense or prosecution of Dr. Frankenstein, Mrs. Thompson, VMHS librarian, pushed into the Zoom class to teach about our TexQuest resources, provided a caselaw resource list, and taught the students about the importance of and creating citations.

After my lesson, we welcomed author and attorney Jeff Zentner to give our students tips on prosecuting and defending their "client." At the end of our session, Mr. Zentner talked briefly about his writing process, since he still works as a full-time attorney in addition to being an award-winning author of three young adult novels. He writes during his commute on the bus, and he writes his novels on his phone!

Big picture
Big picture

Making Masks @ Paschall & Woodlake

At Paschall and Woodlake Elementary, Mrs. Peterson and Ms. Mendez are demonstrating and practicing being safe and following procedures in the library. Students were asked to make a pop-up card showing themselves in a mask as part of the lesson. (Thank you to Nikki Polk, librarian at Copperfield and Crestview Elementary, for the card idea.)

State Award Books @ Hopkins

All of Hopkins Virtual students are able to check out library books using the weekly curbside service while Face to Face students will receive book deliveries to their classrooms.

During virtual library time, PreK-2nd Grade students at Hopkins have been enjoying great read alouds from the Texas 2x2 List and having a lot of fun completing activities on the choice boards.

3rd-5th Grade students at Hopkins have been learning all about the Texas Bluebonnet books and using Flipgrid to discuss their favorite book trailers. These students are trying to earn their way onto the Bluebonnet Wall of Fame in order to participate in January voting!

Librarians Assist with Technology

At all schools across the district, librarians and assistants have been working hard to distribute new laptops, docking stations, ELMO document cameras, headsets, and wireless keyboard/mouse combinations. Librarians and assistants also provided troubleshooting tips and setup directions to their individual campuses.

Christmas is Coming! Shop Book Fairs!

As we get closer to Christmas, please support our district libraries and get your Christmas shopping started with a book BANG! All book fairs are online and ship directly to your home! Click on the image below each school to get to their fairs.

Masters - September 28 - October 11

Converse - October 12-25

Kirby - October 19 - November 1

Hopkins - October 19 - November 1

Park Village - October 22 - 29

Veterans Memorial - October 26-November 6

Big picture

Olympia - October 26 - November 8

Escondido - October 26 - November 13

Lead Librarian

We appreciate your support of JISD Library Services. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.