Catastrophic Drought

"Facts about drought"

Definition of a drought...

Drought: a period of dry weather, especially a long one that is injurious to crops.

Charateristics: lacking water, creates lack of clean water, causes wildfires

Causes: the causes of drought can be caused from not recieving snow or rain for a long period of time.

How a drought negatively effects natural environment and people...

A drought effects natural environment because, water is one of the most essential thing for both humans and animal survival. Drought can cause diseases also, A drought can effect a human because it puts a strain on water supply. Droughts also cause damage to crops which results in higher foods prices.

Texas Eco-Region greatly affected...

The South Texas Eco-Region is affected by drought because, the wind picks up and carries loose sand to one place to another.

Dust Bowl...

When the Dust Bowl happened:


Where the Dust Bowl happened:


What happened during the Dust Bowl:

There were 9 dust storms per month

Interesting facts...

There are different types of drought, the causes, and the overall impact on social, environmental, and economical levels.