England In The Middle Ages

By: Olivia and Brittney

Essential Question

How did the events in the Middle Ages and the Magna Carta affect Western Civilization today?

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The Norman Conquest

This is an image of the route for the Norman Conquest. This conquest took a total of 300 longships to conquer. This all happened because Harold II assembled his bodyguards and formed an army of ordinary men. He called that army the "Fryd", he then split them into two groups sending some to the north and some to the south. Eventually Hadrada invaded and landed in Yorkshire and defeated the Saxon army.
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King Henry II

He reigned from 1154-1189. By the age of 17 he was already known as the Duke of Normandy. He did a lot of great things in his ruling. He established the royal administration that England still has today. He basically started the basis for English law and government.
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Magna Carta

During King Johns ruling, England was facing a lot of problems. King John finally decided to bring a sense of law into England. He consented to basically a list of laws for England. At first it was not very effective, but after being reissued (with few changes) 3 times, it finally became the establishment for basic law. It was written in Latin, and was really the first written constitution of the new world. It contained 63 statements concerning the law and government and how it should be carried out. All of the laws today are formed from this.
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The Capetian Dynasty

This was a Frankish dynasty originally conceded by an election. It was founded by Hugh Capet and ruled over the western portion of the old empire from 987 to 1328.
King Edward I "Longshanks" (1239-1307) - Pt 2/3

Critical Thinking Question

What do you believe was the biggest conflict that occurred in high middle- aged England?

Old England Castle

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