Temporary Campus Tell All #5

A week of reflection

Curriculum Corner

6th Grade Curriculum Night

We look forward to welcoming our 6th grade families to their curriculum night this coming Wednesday Sep 25th from 6-7 PM.

1925 Nora Tyson Rd, St Cloud, FL, 34771

Carpool Reminders Both Campuses*

Parents please remember that students can only be dismissed before 2:20 at our Pleasant Hill Campus & 2:30 at our Nora Tyson campus, student will not be released passed those times.

On Wednesdays students can not be picked up after 1:30.

Thank you for your understanding !

Parent Teacher conferences

Parents please be aware that parent-teacher conferences will be available from Oct 1st-3rd. This will be an opportunity to meet one on one with your child's teacher.

Campus Updates

Our Kindergarten Welcoming Brunch

On Saturday Sep 14th we welcomed all of our Kindergartners and their families to our school with a BUZZworthy reception.

Osceola Science Sharks Soccer Team Wins 8-0

Go Sharks!!!

Dear OSCS Family,

Yesterday our Boys Soccer Team won their first game form the Middle School League. Our Sharks beat St. Cloud Preparatory Academy 8 - 0, keeping in mind that this league is for students from 6th, 7th and 8th graders, it is a great start for our team.

Their next game is Wednesday 25th at Four Corners Charter School.


Coach Revelles

The boys dedicated the win to Ms. Jensen.

6th Grade Gym Uniform Policy


P.E. Uniform: Sixth grade students need to have PE uniforms. Shoes must be athletic shoes. Beginning next week, sixth graders will be required to change into a gym t-shirt for PE class. Only the shirt will be required at the temporary location. In addition, while at the St. Cloud campus, if your child does not have the required PE shirt with the school logo, students will be allowed to change into a plain t-shirt (No graphics please). PE uniform must be labeled with the student’s full name. The PE uniform is only for middle schoolers.

Please refer to Risse Brothers with all of your uniform questions and needs https://www.rissebrothers.com

100 Candace Dr, Maitland, FL 32751

Mr. Mcclellan's Science Corner

"This week we have been stimulating the curiosity of our students with more demonstrations of the magnetism that is in the air to go along with their study of geography and the compass rose/magnetic north. We showed them that the earth has a magnetic field and then showed them what a magnetic field looks like as you should see in the photo. Cool! Here are two girls in Mrs. Rodriquez and Mrs. Snell's class showing a magnetic field made of iron filings.

We also did a fun experiment with Mr. Leslie's fifth graders setting up a complete investigation lab and scientific method outlay of a question, hypothesis, experiment, analysis of data and conclusion (with making a table and doing a line-graph) of our investigations. We also gave them a fun introduction to dry ice as you can see from the photo and made a enormous bubble that exploded on the towel with a really cool cloud/wave in a concentric circle. Pretty awesome demo - and we'll do more with dry ice subsequently. The kids loved it!

In Mrs. Seebers/Mrs. Gibney's class we floated paper clips on water. Unbelievable. Surface tension is one of the several ways that objects float. These kids will never forget the experiential opportunities that stimulated their love of science. Wouldn't you agree?"

In loving memory of Mrs. Samantha Jensen

Big picture
Big picture

Our family suffers a great loss

This past Tuesday we were devastated by the tragic loss of Samantha Jensen. Ms. Jensen worked in our school system for six years, both as a teacher and, most recently, a Math and Science Coach. She was extremely passionate about STEM learning and helping students become their best selves. She was a delight to be around and her passing is a deep loss to our community. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and loved ones during this time. We will miss her dearly. Our community is welcome to attend her memorial event this Sunday Sep 22nd.