Room 3 News

Mrs. McCarthy

Week of January 3rd, 2016

Happy New Year to all!

Welcome back to the school year. I hope everyone had a restful and pleasant holiday.

I look forward to seeing all of my students on Monday!

Language Arts - This week's skills

Comprehension Skill: Draw Conclusions: Readers use clues from the story and what they already know to figure out things that the author doesn't tell you.

Comprehension Strategy: Monitor Comprehension by rereading: Good readers will stop and reread parts of the story until they understand what is happening. Parent Information

Información en Español.

Phonics: final e: -oke, -ose, -ote, -ute, -ube

Spelling Words: after, done, find, new, old, work, joke, woke, nose, note, cute, cube

Dictation: A cute rat ran down the hole. A dog uses its nose to find bones.

Grammar: Is and Are: Is and Are are present tense verbs.

High Frequency Words: after, done, find, new, old, work

Robust Vocabulary: create, hobby, resourceful, inspire, structure

Eureka Math

Module 2 serves as a bridge from problem solving within 10 to working within 100, as students begin to solve addition and subtraction problems involving teen numbers. Parent Information. Sample work this week: Lessons 3-6.


All organisms have external parts that they can use to capture and convey information to help them survive and grow.