By: Richie Ngandu

History of Apple

Steve Wozniak created his first computer (apple I) in 1976 when he decide to make a company with Steve Jobs. Both Steve’s had to give up one of their favorite thing Wozniak gave a calculator ($250) and Jobs gave up his Volkswagen Van ($1,500). After Jobs and Wozniak got the money money for a company the started Apple and left their jobs to start apple in 1977.

How Apple Came To Be

The first thing that Apple made was well the apple I that I said before. Steve Wozniak to a break from apple because he was in a plane crash he injured his face, his head and the three other passenger were injured when the plane stalled after takeoff. The company moved to a bigger building where it is right now in Silicon Valley. Then in apple released the iPod touch on September 5, 2007. Then apple made their best seller the iPhone was released on June 29, 2007. They have so many more products now (2015) then back then (1977).

How Apple Shaped The World

Apple has many products like phones, iPods, tablets, computers, laptops etc. all around the world for Kenya to China People didn’t only have Android phones. There are apple computers and MacBooks in many households around the world. There are iPhones in many people’s pockets around the world they are over 700 million people that have an iPhone in the world. There is one Apple product that also many families have and this is an iPad that over 225 million iPads have been sold. People without apple would have Android phones and other companies tablets.

Who's Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak started the company and then hired Steve Jobs in 1977 back when Wozniak created the Apple I. Steve Wozniak created the Computer on his spare time from his job. He tried to sell his computer to many companies but, was rejected. An interesting fact on Steve Wozniak is that he was in a plane crash that he was flying but, the plane stalled. He suffered amnesia for 5 weeks he also lost a tooth and had a head injury.

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The iPhone

Apple's best selling product is the iPhone that sold over 700 million phone in 8 years. I believe that the best product is an iPhone because you can call people if you need help or assistance in a life or death situation. Apple said that the iPhone as the fastest phone out there back when it was released back in 2007.

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