Parenting Virtual Students

Edition 2

The Importance of "Brain Breaks"

One of the most common questions parents and caregivers are asking is, "How do I keep my child involved and participating while learning online?" Remember, as adults we have learned to take breaks while we work. Whether you go to get some coffee or take a short walk, it is important to take regular breaks. Want to learn more about how to support your child's learning? Click on the link below.

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Brain Breaks - Action Songs for Children - Move and Freeze - Kids Songs by The Learning Station


If This Then That is an index of "Common Problems" with step by step instructions for possible solutions and other resources. Click on the button below for more information.
Online Classroom Etiquette

What is Zoom Fatigue? (Or in Our Case Teams Fatigue)

Zoom/ Teams Fatigue is the exhaustion experienced from using any Virtual Meeting platforms caused by the various parts of virtual work.

Strategies for Teaching Kids Self Regulation

Self Regulation refers to the process your child goes through to control emotions and actions when faced with a particular situation. What can you do to help your younger child learn how to appropriately deal with situations? Click on the button below.

A National Town Hall on Distance Learning

Thursday, Sep. 17th, 5:30pm

This is an online event.

Calling all Pre-K – 8 parents! Worried about the challenges presented by distance learning or hybrid school models? Get expert advice and practical tips on how to keep your children motivated, emotionally strong, and on track academically. Learn how to support your children's wellbeing, academic success, and build routines for the months ahead. You can do this, and you're not alone.