reliogion or middlle east

Religion of the Middle East

Culture around the world can be very different . The many culture reflect a variety of gorany, languages,confident,religion,and government.Religion greatly .The culture of religion the middle east.

The middle east is influenced throughout history by its religion.In ancient times, Egyptians worshipped the muslim-sunni prophet Muhammed. when the people died they got mummification and the “ka” stayed in the soul and the organisms orde of the day and the the organisms get pot integrate and that how the mummification.

In modern time,the middle east shows a unique nature influenced by its religion. Is that the women have to wear a cap and that their religion and the boys stad more they the gilos and the men don't own the other men look at that they culture.

Religion shapes the culture of the middle east.culture vary in language,geography, religion, conflict, and government in the world there are great differences in culture