Phoebe, winter all day get away

Bring your jacket cuz its gonna be cold

Come check out our all new snow sport terrain park and all new luxury hotel and full service spa

For the last 5 years countless workers have devoted there time to making Phoebes very first ski mountain. So grab your kids, hop in the van, and then drive that van to the nearest launch site because were in space. Snow sports not your thing eh? Well kiddo, in space gravity isn't the same as it I on earth. First timers can do runs down are largest hills and look like a pro. Are hotel/spa is all inclusive. All live shows and family events are complimentary. Are restaurants serve nothing but the finest food, one might say it tastes out of this world. Hotel rooms are selling fast and you only have a limited time to make your reservation. So come one down and have your very first out of this world experience.

Were opening sooner then you think

Tuesday, June 13th 2017 at 12pm

Phoebe, Saturn

Launches will start on 1/1/14 in Houston, Texas. over 25 shuttles can be launched at a time that will comfortably hold 200 passengers each.


You can trust that all our lifts, rides, buildings, and attractions are of the best. beyond the border construction designed and made every last aspect of our ski mountain from our luxury suites to our rest stop bathrooms.