A Revolution has began in France!

Third Estate Edition

The Bastille is no more! July 26, 1789 Andrew Gomez

On July 24, 1789, the Bastille was raided for gunpowder. The people needed it for our weapons. I grabbed by pick fork that my father gave to me and I helped out. As a farmer who had no protection for my family, it was wise for me to have a gun with gunpowder. It started with us entering the Bastille. In their, we saw many prisoners. Some helped to free the prisoners, while some ignored them. When we got to the gunpowder room, we all helped take it out. Others explored the Bastille and found many of the officers in there. Some we dragged out and killed there. I helped killed some by stabbing them. Most of my hatred because of the king was put into action that day. Later, many of the people who participated started to take down the Bastille brick by brick. It was not easy, but they made a lot of progress. Many of the people there I knew who had farms. Others I knew worked in a workshop. Many groups were there who supported revolution. As I was there, many people started to take about revolution. I started listening and it seemed like a good idea since the other two estates do not help us.

A Letter to The Editor: The Royal Family June 22 1791

Dear Editor,

On the night of June 20 1791, the Royal family fled their home to Varennes. They failed to do so and were arrested. How dare they flee like cowards? They live in their luxuries homes like they are always protected, but when they are threatened by peasants, they flee. What do you think of these cowards? They should have stayed and defended their lives because I know I would have done that. Now they face trail and I do not think they will be innocent. Such treason that King has made. I can not wait to see the day when he is executed. Will you be there do see him be executed? I know I will be there to applaud when they hold his head up. Even for the queen, I will applaud. The King has done nothing to help the Third Estate. People in my town despise him. He should have done the escape secretly since he was hated by a lot of people. Peasants in Varennes despised him. They are apart of the Third Estate and want him gone.

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The King and Queen are Finished October 18 1793

Both the King and Queen have now been executed. They are finally gone and will never run this nation ever again. In the Kings execution, there were many people there. Many were filled with joyfulness. I was there not too far away since I just came from my shop. He was placed on the guillotine. He started to tear up. Then the blade fell and people screamed with joy. The king was no more. The raised his head and all applauded. Although the king was dead, many people that they asked what about the Queen. They say she still has to pay the punishment. She has done things that are terrible and she must be put on trial. A few months later, she was executed the same year. There was less people that day. I was in the city finding some materials when I remembered it was her execution day. People were still exited just like when the king was executed. She as well started to tear up. Then the blade fell down and she was gone. Many people said that a new change was happening to the Third Estate. New laws could be made to help us achieve a better life. Without a monarch, we could make this nation a better place for us. Those who stop us will pay the consequence.
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